Sunday at the Olympics

Good morning from Rio! Church was so amazing here. It was very different but I loved it. We got completely lost going to the cathedral. I won’t mention why (It was my fault, I was not listening to directions) but anyway Lol We got there in time, sat for Mass. I got to do communion today which makes me very happy. I lit 2 candles and prayed. Then we left. We have tickets for 2 events today. Rugby and then Weightlifting. I wish we had tickets for Basketball or Gymnastics but those are so hard to get. Maybe next time we can score some of those.

We also have to pack because we are on a red eye back to Chicago tonight. Lindsay will sleep at my place Monday then head back to Vegas on Sunday.

I will update my blog tomorrow. Too much going on today to do it. I also need to pack my Macbook up.

We just ate. We are getting ready to go to her cousin’s last practice round that we can see then we are hitting the beach for an hour. I swear she has us on such a tight schedule every moment seems planned. Which is great because we are able to do a lot each day.

Can I just say how exhausted I am. I really did not recover from my Greece trip. I am missing my boys so much and happy to be going home soon. The other thing I’m really excited about is stealing songs off of Lindsay’s iPhone Lol She has great taste in music. The exact same stuff I like. I have been introduced to some really cool new artists. I have a few songs on repeat. I listen to music every single day. It keeps my mind busy.

Off we go. Have a great Sunday!

God loves you, I love you, Lindsay is not very fond of any of you Lol Oh well.


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