Sunday is for Relaxing

This morning I got my group up early for breakfast then we went to Church. They all love bagels with different kinds of cream cheese so that was easy to put together. Church was really good. The message was about non-believers in your family or friend group. I of course shot Lindsay a look and she winked at me. I figured during the middle of it she was going to stand up, announce to everyone in my Church there was no God, and that this “story” as she calls it was not true Lol Thankfully she contained herself or maybe it was Ben leaning over whispering a shhhhh every time she said something under her breath but loud enough for others to know she did mumble something. Not sure. I was just happy we all go through it without anything embarrassing or tragic. After I asked if she learned anything and she said yes. She said she learned it takes 25 minutes for “The Guy” (That’s what she calls Father at my Church) to convince her she’s been right all along thinking this is all crap. I just shake my head. We kind of rush through the line as I say a quick bye and get her out of there before she bursts into flames. She swears one of these times she will and I’m starting to think it may actually happen. God likes a challenge and she is probably one of His biggest.

We left Church, dropped off Sarah, picked up all of their luggage and I dropped them off at the airport. She gave both boys a big hug and kiss before she left. Ben held Alex and asked if he could take one. I get asked that a lot. I always say no but when they get to teenage years I may finally answer yes to that. Off we went. I got them to the airport on time but not before 2 fights about seats on the airplane and where was her cellphone charger at, broke out. Ben should be knighted by somebody for putting up with all of that 24/7. I couldn’t do it. She is too much.

I’m back at the lakehouse. I put the boys down for their first nap. I’m updating this blog and trying to remember what else I wanted to do today. I think a little more swimming with the boys. They seemed to really enjoy that. Maybe one last boat ride or maybe I will go out on my jet ski. Not sure. We are going to leave at 6pm. Should only take an hour this time. I don’t think we need to stop at Starbucks like we usually do for the girls but who knows. It’s always a stop or 2 on the way up or on the way home. We can’t help it. My group is always forgetting something we need.

My boys laughed and laughed in the pool. We did not dunk them. That freaks me out. But I did cup my hands a few times and put water over their heads and faces to see if they were cool with that. The first time they didn’t like it. The second time Heston splashed a little. It was funny. Alex loves the water too. He is fascinated with looking at everything. And he was babbling. My boy is a talker. My other boy is not. Which is weird. But I was told this is when the start to show their personalities a little. They look exactly alike but they are not the same. Most things are the same but you have to pick up on their slight differences.

I only dress them alike some times. I want them to know they don’t have to match for everything. In school I have already decided they will not be matching. If they both want to that day okay. But I think I will send them to school in different clothes so that people will treat them as 2 separate boys instead of 2 mixed into 1.

I think Heston is a lefty like me. He grabs mostly with his left hand. This of course makes me very proud. I don’t know if that’s a natural think or I have just shown him how I do things and he is mimicking what he sees me do. Alex always grabs with his right. I think his left arm is just there for decoration. There is no reaching first with the left, ever. But once he yanks the toy down or his bottle down the left joins in and then it belongs to him and you can’t ever have it back Lol

Is that possible the twins are different handed? Is that even a thing? Do I need to change one of them so they are both left or both right? I don’t know what to do about that. I want to just let them be what they are. If they are one of each okay. I mean to be selfish it would be way easier on me to do everything left-handed but I still deal with issues with that daily. It is a right-handed world. Us lefties have to adapt and adjust.

Things seem too perfect. I keep waiting for something bad to happen but nothing is going on. And I like it that way. I am loving my life. Loving my boys and going to spend the rest of my day having fun. I can’t wait for them to get up in a few minutes to come outside to swim with me. We still limit 20 minutes at a time. I get nervous about too much sun. It’s cloudy and nice, the shade trees are very tall and help a lot but it still is a little warm.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday! Last night’s Olympics were fun! Michael Phelps is awesome. What a champion he is. Great to see him finish strong. The ladies swim team, wow. Domination and so sweet. Those ladies have been working very hard you can tell. Congrats to all the countries. Very glad to see you all compete. I can’t believe it’s almost over.

Go have some fun today. It’s going to be a busy week!

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