Updates are coming

Hey everyone! I have had a very busy summer. I will finally get time tonight to post all of the blog posts I wrote on my Greece vacation. I wrote everyday to remember the funny things that happened on the trip. I’m also packing up and getting ready to leave tomorrow morning. Lindsay and I are going to Rio for the Olympics! We will be there for 4 days. Then we are coming back. We will get to see the opening ceremony in the stadium, then we are going to watch her cousin compete in the Equastrian practice things. We won’t be able to watch her compete. Her cousin is NOT Australian despite internet rumors. I find it hilarious anytime either one of us says anything, there’s an immediate fact check on it. Go for it trolls. You still have nothing better to do with your lives? Move on, geez Lol

My boys are doing great. They are getting big and moving around a lot more. As my nanny says they are just eating and growing hair. That’s all they do. They had a great time with their cousins. I heard they had a few fun adventures of their own and I will be able to share those as well.

I haven’t had time to write on here that much. Too much going on. Work keeps me busy and I really do spend all my free time with my kids. When I’m home, it’s all them. Until they go to bed. Then I get to have some free time to start cleaning up after them. It never ends. Wait until they start getting around on their own everyone tells me. We had our first roll over. Exciting news in our home. And a few other good news items to share.

I will post more tonight! Hope everyone is as excited as I am for the Olympics. GO U.S.A.!

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