Chicago Bust

Josh and I went to the Chicago Bears game last night. Fun guy’s night out. Wrong. Well we did have fun and we laughed a lot but the game was a bust. Cutler got hurt, then 5 others got hurt. It was bad. And now the next day one more went down. That game didn’t look that bad. Ouch.

Today has been busy. I have been going out a town a lot for day trips. But I make sure I’m back in Chicago by 5pm. That way I can get home in time to cook for supper or at least pick something up for me and Sarah. The boys are enjoying their random and various baby foods. We are trying different ones. Figures they both like the same ones and both don’t like the same ones. Very interesting.

Work is busy. My boys are perfect and my personal life is so quiet it’s finally back to normal. Finally. I love that. No one bothers me, no one harasses me online anymore. The trolls are have imploded. I knew I would be old news soon. The entire world is over me. Thank goodness! I’m over myself actually. I was over myself months ago but it was still a small presence.

Things are going great. I’m training hard for marathons. I’m working out every morning and taking my dog for a walk every night. We hang out a lot actually. He misses me during the day. Sarah plays with him some, the pet nanny takes him out to the dog park if it’s not too hot. Lately the weather has been great. He’s got a funny personality. Great dog.

I’m going to a Cubs game tomorrow night with Cam. I promised him I would take him to a game this season. Our schedules finally lined up. He’s excited. He’s taking me to a Cuban restaurant before we go. I’m chugging pepto before we eat there. I love Cuban food but it’s spicy for me. Different flavors and I don’t even know what they make the sauces with. But it’s very easy to find vegan cuban food. They load things up with veggies.

Great week so far. Well it is Tuesday. I can’t wait to get to Friday and head back up to the lakehouse. I’m really looking forward to some boating/jet skiing combo adventures. Should be a nice relaxing weekend.

Have a great week everyone! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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