Happy Labor Day 2016!

Been at work since 7am trying to catch up on a few things. It’s a lot easier to get work done when no one is in the office.

Happy Labor day!

I’m leaving here in a few. I also had to come here to grab some tables and chairs we have in the storage room. I invited 2 people. Somehow our party turned into 16 people total. Which is fine the more people the more food I get to eat! Everyone is bringing a dish we are doing the meat/tofu and the dessert. I bought a bunch of cakes from a really good bakery. And we have ice cream. I thought that would go well with the cakes.

Josh is helping me grill steaks, burgers, brats and hot dogs. I’m grilling tofu and a bunch of veggies. My favorite. Can’t stand cooking meat but I know everyone else likes it. Makes me want to gag. Yuck. Go Vegan! I’ve really been looking forward to this bbq for a few days. Talking over the menu with the girls. It took a while to figure out what we should go buy but I think we have it all now. I have to load up the 2 tables. I’m taking a break because I loaded up all of the chairs. I was hoping we could do a roof deck. We are going to set everything up there. If it’s too windy we will move it all inside.

I’m excited to see everyone today. A lot of friends of the nannies I don’t even know yet. And of course any free time I get with my two boys is extra special. We have had a very fun and entertaining weekend. They both babble so much it’s hilarious. And the laughing. I’m sorry but a baby laughing is the best thing in the world. It just is. Everyone is healthy, happy. We’re good. We are all really good.

Time to get back to work here. Spend time today relaxing and enjoying your day off. If you have to work, sorry. Take time off later! Love ya’ll!

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