I’m ready to go and no one else is

Who’s going to see the Cubs play today? This guy! Our 94-53 Cubs have clinched the division and it’s time to start thinking about October. Everyone is up, I made breakfast and the girls are in the bathrooms getting ready. I heard one of them holler which sunglasses are you wearing today? Oh boy. My fun adult outing has turned into a fashion show. I understand it’s a great place to meet guys, but really girls. This was supposed to be family day! Not pick up Cubs fans and get free beers because they look hot day Lol Oh well. So I’m sitting here waiting. I’m in black shorts, my new Division Champs Cubbies shirt and ballcap with my new black Nikes. Oh and my Ray Bans. Aviators. Classic.

They picked a nice restaurant to go to for lunch. We’re going to sit on the patio and people watch while we eat. Then we are walking to Wrigleyville from there. There was a lot of debate on that too. Heather and Brandi said they would prefer to be dropped off because they can’t walk in their shoes that far. I said why can’t you walk in sneakers? And they both laughed at me. Whatever. So Sarah said we can all walk, plan different shoes. It’s almost like the LORD HAS SPOKEN when Sarah bosses them. At least I don’t have to do it.

Have I mentioned lately that my boys are the cutest babies on the face of the Earth? Oh I have? Well guess what. They still are! They are really getting big personalities. They do everything alike. It’s hilarious. If you get one laughing and start making a fuss the other starts then they go back and forth. The competition has started early. We go on Monday for our 7 month checkup. Yes I go monthly. I don’t care. I want to make sure we are hitting our nutrition marks for growth. And we are. My babies eat vegan food. Only vegan food and it has not in any way hampered their development. That was my main worry about deciding to do that. I’m going to have to get over myself when the boys start hanging out with other kids and they start discovering other food. When they decide they no longer want vegan, ok. It will kill me inside Lol but okay! Because I just don’t want to look at or cook meat. It’s disgusting. Yuck. Even the thought of it makes me want to hurl. Gross. I’m going to try to sway them as long as I can but eventually those Golden Arches and those beautiful looking french fries will win their hearts. And then it’s off for Happy Meals once a week. At least we have a solid basis to start from. The doctor actually said starting them off from day one with the vegan aka elemental formula has proven to him that it is not at all a bad choice. And he will start doing some research into this. He said if it really is all vegan and all natural it is the absolute best thing besides breast milk. Duhhhhh, doc. That’s why we’re doing this. My boys get the best. Until they are brats and tell me they hate me. Then they get NOTHING! Lol

Looks like 2 of them have made it out here. Brandiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii LETS GO! Bye guys! Go Cubs!

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