Let’s go CUBS x 3

Baseball is on my mind at the start of September. The cubs are looking great! I really hope this is the year. Been a fan for a long time and I know this team is special. I have tickets for 3 games this month. I’m pretty excited. Tomorrow it’s our boys day at the ballpark. We are taking Brandi with us. Because I’m not too sure about John or Josh holding my boys in case something happens. Cam will be fine he gets right in there. The other 2 kind of make me nervous and I know they will want beers so I don’t want my boys smelling Bud Light the whole game if someone needs to help me. Brandi is excited to join us. I told her I will be taking care of both of the boys the entire game but if I need some help that’s when I will ask for it. I’m not planning on taking up all of her time. I’m looking up what I can and can’t bring into the ballpark. I’m guessing now car seat and stroller Lol Which would make life a lot easier but that’s fine. I plan on holding one of them the entire time. If not both for a little while. I have their outfits already picked out. I put their names on the back of their jerseys because I’m a dork like that. And of course I have a matching one that says Dad Lol I’m so excited! I hope the weather holds up. That’s my only concern.

Work is going great. Nothing new to report on that. Just very busy.

Life is quiet just how I like it. And a few minor annoyances got taken care of. So far things are going really well. We are staying in town this weekend. The girls wanted a city weekend. I guess they have tickets for some show tonight. And shopping sales tomorrow. I don’t get it. I love to shop but lately I’m all about Amazon.com. I am a Prime member and I love it. My items arrive a lot faster than they are scheduled to.

I’m also enjoying Zappos.com. Great deals and a huge selection for my sizes. I like it all. Having  a great time going through stuff on my Ipad at night.

I’m eating very well this summer. My vegan cook books are giving me inspiration as well as a creative outlet. It’s been a lot of fun trying new foods. Although some of my recipes are just plain crap. If I won’t eat it, you know it’s bad. I’m not very picky.

Swim lessons are going great. They love it. I love it. We have a lot of good quality time in the pool. I’ve made some friends with the moms. I’m the only dad in there. And of course I love sucking in my stomach before I jump in the pool Lol I’m still in great shape but I’m starting to get hair in weird places. I guess that’s my age. I was told by 3 of the mom they are not a fan of my beard. When I showed up without they said it was much better. Again, my summer beard had haters. Oh well. They like my new haircut. I told them enjoy it because I change the cut every month. I like variety.

I was also told by Heather that my boys have way too much Batman clothing. Is that a real thing? As far as I know you can NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH BATMAN STUFF! I will agree the matching baby capes were a bit much but I did get a lot of great comments at the park that day.

Nice and quiet life. Family. I am really happy and things couldn’t be better. My dating life is going great. One of the women and I decided to just be friends and stop calling what we were doing dating since there was no spark at all. We continue to have lunch together once a week. She’s a great listener and she has very good advice. She also likes to tell me updates on her career and asks me what I think of her latest projects. Very proud to know her. Too bad it won’t work out but I think she is looking for a husband and I’m nowhere near that page in my book. I don’t know if marriage will ever be for me. I really like doing whatever I want with whoever I want. I keep it casual now. And it works out a lot better.

Baseball game tomorrow. Go Cubs! Hope ya’ll have a great Labor Day weekend. We are hosting a bbq up on my roofdeck. I can’t wait to have everyone over and feed the masses. It’s going to be a great party. God bless you guys and love to all of you!

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