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Another sports weekend-ish for me. We need to stretch that sentence into Monday night. Tomorrow I’m taking all of my nannies to the Cubs game. We have been planning this outing for weeks. I have family in town this weekend who will watch the boys for us. I’m taking them for a nice lunch. Game starts in the afternoon. We will go shopping to get everyone whatever souvenirs they want and I’m really excited. Sarah keeps saying I’m going to look like a pimp walking around with 3 20-somethings. I said no I will look like a pathetic dad and my daughter’s 2 friends Lol I don’t care. I love the Cubs. This is our year finally! And I know they all deserve a break.
This is our adult outing before my boys decide to start motoring around my condo non-stop. It’s coming. Believe me it’s coming. Heston had this look in his eyes this morning that said “Daddy, I’m ready to crawl!” I put him down to see what he did and he just sort of laid there Lol So maybe not just yet. And maybe he was saying “Daddy, I’m ready to poop!”. That’s more likely. Sarah and the girls have come up with a base plan of action. We will convert her living room into their new baby roaming center. The first time I heard her call it that I died laughing, got a look, then said sorry, that’s awesome. It has been completely baby-proofed. I know this because all 4 of us were on our hand and knees crawling around making jokes and pointing out things to move. I said why don’t we just move all of the furniture out of there, build one giant baby cage and then throw their stuff in the middle? Apparently that was the wrong answer. We have to get the boys used to furniture and they have to learn what NO means. Well I can’t even say NO! to my dog, how do you think this will go with my kids? We are also using the whole area as the baby catwalk. Already we have them up and getting legs going. Keep in mind we have not yet had a first step and there are not even built yet for that. But we still get them up to get their legs strengthened. All of the books said to do it.

I have 2 scooters. They both scoot around. I know crawling is very, very soon. I think once one does it first, the other will watch and learn and then off he goes. And then my entire life will change. Because it will be me running after 2 babies saying no no no, don’t go that way. I asked if I could at least leave the tv in there because Sarah and I have nothing in common when it comes to tv watching. I watch shit reality shows. Mostly competition based stuff. Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race, and American Ninja Warrior. I also delve into Deadliest Catch, Vikings, American Pickers, and whatever else the history channel has to offer. I watch some CNN but that political crap is so depressing. She called him this, he called her that. They polls flip flop. It’s too much. I have no patience for knowing what the Red States think about the Blue States or what Obama will do after the White House. I hope he comes back home and I can run into him at Whole Foods some day. That would be awesome. Making her living room into the baby roaming center (It’s ridiculous I know) means she will be camping out at night when the boys are in bed watching tv with me or taking the remote. I’m horrible at paying attention to tv. I’m on my Ipad doing work emails while the tv is on. I look up when something is interesting or funny and go right back to my Ipad. This drives her nuts. So much so she takes the remote and says you aren’t even watching it. Doesn’t matter. I’m LISTENING TO IT! And I like that show. That’s MY SHOW! This is a common argument at least twice a week now. Soon we will up that to 4 times.

So this weekend we are staying in Chicago. Cubs game tomorrow. Monday night football on Monday. Go Bears! Now my Bears are not looking good at all this year. Our offense has nothing. Not even hope. It’s terrible. The defense is doing all it can but it’s in slow motion or something. It’s our QB. I will support Jay Cutler, but he frustrates the shit out of me. He always has this What happened look on his face. And I know he smokes because I saw him once downtown and he was smoking. Nice, Cutler. Great image for kids. But he’s our QB1. And I don’t have any choice but to keep supporting the team. It sucks. I really hope we have a better record than last year. We had a good solid start. Then we tanked out. I think 6-10. I think.

The weather has been perfect. Nice and cool. We have been eating up on the roof. Enjoying the views and making all the neighbors in the buildings around us jealous. One guy even hollered at us What’s for Din Din. I love Chicago. I am really going to miss it when we move to our final home, wherever that will be. I asked Sarah if she could just stay with us forever. Until the boys go off to college. She just laughed and said no. I said you are really going to leave me with twin boys during the high school years? She said yes because she remembers her brothers in high school and it was non-stop drama. She said 2x, no thanks.

Which brings me to my final weekly update. My adoption paperwork for my daughter got approved. I can now begin the adoption process whenever I want to. I am told it can take anywhere between 3 months to 2 years plus for this to happen. I’m also advised to just start it now and if I’m blessed earlier than expected, just go with it. I don’t know what to do. I want a daughter. I know my boys need a sister. With my luck she will be here next month Lol And I will completely flip out. I’m going to pray on this, wait, and when my heart starts calling for it, that’s when I will push the Go button on that one. And then I keep thinking of all the great kids who really do need a home right now. And I know I can ease any suffering or anxiety they have right now. And I can go get my daughter, bring her home, and finally have a complete family. 2 boys and a girl. Wow. It makes me very proud and it gives me so much hope. I really should have done this years ago. I held out hope of meeting the perfect woman to start my own family and I finally gave up on that. This is much better. I don’t have to ever worry that we divorce and I lose out on seeing my kids every single day. No one can ever take them from me. And I know with all of my heart I’m the best dad for them. All of them. See now I’m pumping myself up and I’m ready to call my adoption lady and say let’s go for it Lol Oh geez. I better stop writing before I do something crazy. The last thing I need is another baby right now. I don’t want to turn into Octodad Lol No way!

Have an amazing weekend everyone! Love y’all and Go Cubbies, Go Bears! Oh yeah, and GO VEGAN!

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