Chicago Cubs Game 6

All morning in my head I have been willing the Cubs to win Game 6 tonight. I have 2 tickets to the game and my buddy Drew is here. I picked him up at 10:15am. He is so excited! I can’t wait to go to the game with him. He keeps reminding me how historic this would be if we are at Game 6 and the Cubs clinch a spot in the World Series. Of course my mind starts going into I wonder how much World Series tickets are and I wonder how hard it will be to try to get some? I love my Cubs but even I have a limit on what I pay for these tickets. And I’m pretty sure lifelong Cub fans will be doing anything they can to go. I’m an Imported Cubs fan. I was very blessed just to get these tickets.

So Uncle Drew has been loving up on his nephews. My boys love their Uncle Drew. They have been crawling all over him and I had forgotten what a great dad he is to the babies. It’s when they get a little older he gets strict. He holds one, I hold the other and we talk about how crazy it is that I have twins and no woman Lol It really is the best case for me to have a family. Everything works out in God’s timing. Uncle Drew has also been telling me the crazy emails and texts he is getting from Auntie Lindz about the boys’ christmas list. The imaginary christmas present list my not even 1 year old boys have made and sent to her Lol Drew keeps telling me he has the best gifts for them that will blow my mind. Unless there’s a baby batman suit, I doubt it. My boys already have too much stuff. When you live with 3 women part time they tend to find stuff as they are shopping and bring it back. And I’m worse I’m a brand new Amazon Prime Junkie. Weekly now boxes of various baby stuff is showing up. And I just laugh when Sarah says What did you get now! It’s an addiction. I can’t help it.

So we are leaving at 4pm to get over to Wrigley. We have to figure out parking then walk to the stadium. I know I’m going to start eating bad stuff. It started with that Tin Roof on the way to the Packer game Thursday night. Now I’m craving a stadium hot dog. I know I know! So bad, and who knows what those things contain but there’s just something about having a hot dog at the ballpark. I hope I just get a salad instead. Who knows. I do know that Drew is already on me about getting some beers but I don’t want to do that. I haven’t had a drink since the Super Bowl. I know this game will be memorable enough I don’t need to have a beer with my best friend to remember it. I told him get as many beers as he wants. He said he needs to get tshirts and hats for all his family and a few co-workers. He bragged to a few guys at work he was going to the game tonight with me.

So now it’s all about spending the day with my sons. Getting myself ready for the game and hoping like heck the Chicago cubs win tonight! Go Cubs!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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