Early morning flights

Work is going great. I have a bunch of day trips this month. I get to take myself up in the air and fly away to a new city. I love that. But soon enough the weather will change I will no longer being flying myself around during winter time. I have babies now that need me. The risk is too much. I will have to go back to flying commercial. Like everyone else. Pretty bummed but it’s all about safety. And with all the other risks I already take one less is probably for the best. I also have to put my boat and jet skis up soon. That’s a bummer also. This summer sure flew by.

Lindsay will be coming out on Friday sometime. She never tells me until she’s at the airport calling to say Come get me and hurry the F up Lol Or she just shows up. She’s coming to cheer me on in my marathon this weekend. I could use the support because I know my legs will be gone. I won’t be able to move that well the rest of the day. I asked if she wanted to run in it with me and she didn’t even say anything. I said did you hang up and she said I answered you telepatheically. I started laughing and I said I didn’t hear the message she said here let me translate, that was F no Lol So gracious. She bet me $100 to push the boys in a stroller the whole race. And my 20-year-old brain said I bet I could do it, then my 43-year-old body said no you can’t. So I declined. She asked if she could drive in front of me so throw bananas and water bottles at me and I said this is the Tour de France, there are no pit cars in front of the competitors. Then she asked if she could stumble from the crowd and finish the race like she heard someone do back in the 1980’s. I said no. Don’t embarrass the family.

I’m really excited to just run. I have my playlist on my phone ready. I’m going to charge my phone all night. I’m going to bed early and I’m going to really take it easy the night before. Not eating too much but loading up on all the things my body will need. And hydrate. I’m going to hydrate like crazy. I don’t want to get a cramp and have to slow down. I’m so ready to run.

The best part is when I cross that finish line 3 years after I set a goal to run this race. My foot healed, my pride restored and another life goal checkmarked off. I’m ready.

Will I win? No. Not even close. But I won’t be last. I know that much. I will fit in the middle somewhere and when I’m sweaty, out of breath, and I get my official time set, I will stop running marathons. Because I’m happy jogging in the mornings without the pressure of trying to compete against anyone but myself.

It’s all about pacing yourself. And as I get older, my pace has slowed down. And I’m okay with that.

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