Extra Security

My company wants me to take security with me when I got to Paris in November. I think it’s ridiculous but they said just to be safe. Apparently Kim whoever got robbed, plus the bombings, shootings, and other things going on in Europe. They want me to be safe and protected. I said why wouldn’t I have security going into Dubai rather than Paris? It should be the reverse. I will think about it but I don’t think that’s necessary. I stay in an apartment rental for the few days I’m there, no one knows that location because I rent different places each time. I grab food and take it with me. I usually eat in the back of a car going from one place to the other. And my shopping time is limited. To be honest most of my shopping is actually in the airport since I have at least an hour wait or 2 to get through. Unless someone wants something specific. Then I go into that store, get it and come out.

Work is busy. I was in New York City yesterday. I got home late last night. In time to get the boys to bed. Which is very important to me. I got to read them 2 books, rock each one then get them to bed. Before I go to bed I sneak in there and make sure they are still okay. Do a quick prayer over each one then go to my room. They are growing up so fast. Everything is fine. It’s actually perfect. They are both healthy and developing as they should be. Alex is no longer underweight. He has no issues from when he had the cord wrapped around his neck at birth. He’s okay. Heston is hilarious and still very chill. I swear that kid does not react to much. He laughs stuff off. Even when his brother gets upset he just sits there. He only gets mad when he’s hungry. And he lets everyone know it.

I have the Chicago Marathon this weekend! I’m so excited. Lindsay is coming in on Friday afternoon she said. She said she got the twins Marathon shirts Lol I can’t wait to see what they are. She’s always doing custom shirts for them. She even had some made up that say “My godmum rocks” for both of them. I’m in the 40 to 44 age group so I’m running against a bunch of 40 year olds. I won’t win anything I know that I just want to do it once. Every year something happens or I’m not healthy enough to do it. I’ve been rehabbing my foot for so long. I’m ready. I had a great run last week to prep. This week I’m only stretching. I need to keep my legs good. I don’t want to run or jog at all to burn out. I just need some light stretching twice a day. Sarah and I are doing Yoga in the living room. She’s been helping me try different ways to stretch. My back feels great. Yoga is cool. I may continue to do that. Sarah said they have baby yoga classes and it’s better to limber the boys up now for sports. We all know my boys will be in something. So I guess she’s right.

I’m trying to eat really well this week. I’m going to load up on carbs Thursday night. And get ready to fuel my body for the race. I’ve been training for this race and I have a good running group to start out with. I know they will all leave me in the dust and I told them run your race. Don’t pace me. I will pace myself. I just want to finish it. I don’t even care what place I get. My time I would like to be decent and I will try really hard. I just have to remember to grab some waters. I tend to not do that and then I cramp up really bad about an hour or more later on. Lindsay said she will have Gatorade, bananas and some other things in a small cooler after the race. I told her that’s great and I know we will go over to the After Race party for a little bit. I want to find my friends and see how they did. Then I’m going home to soak in a tub and try to act like I’m not stiff and sore Lol Lindsay already schedule a massage for me at work on Monday. The lady actually comes into my office. How cool is that! I will probably need it.

I better get back to work. I’ve been here since 6am and needed a break.

Have a great day everyone! Love ya’ll!

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