Game 6, The Cubs win!

1568552_1280x720  You know I have to talk about Game 6. I started out the baseball season using the same Twitter avatar I am using right now. It says 2016 is the year with the Cubs logo on it. I have been hopeful since pre-season when all of the baseball analysts kept saying watch out for this young Cubs team. I was able to go to some games and really see for myself how special the team is. And boy did they put on a show last night!

Drew and I left my condo and went downtown. We found a parking spot after 45 minutes of looking. We walked the 8 blocks to get in line. Man was it electric. Everyone was buzzing with hope and excitement. Drew and I had on Cubs Jerseys. He likes Bryant and I like Baez. We got inside and Drew got very emotional seeing Wrigley. He’s been to a few games with me over the years but this was totally different. We got the drinks and snacks he wanted. I found something I could eat. I wanted to get a hot dog but decided against it. We waited until the beer guy came around twice before I called him over to get my buddy a Bud Lol And wow did the game start out with a deflated hit by their lead off hitter. We looked at each other like Uh oh. But these Dodgers came to play. They know what’s on the line, win or go home. And right off the bat they set their intention. They were not going to give it to us. We had to earn it.

As the game went on and the home runs came in the entire section we were sitting in was loud, cheering, and singing Go Cubs Go. The guy that sold me the tickets was sitting next to us and I kept telling him thank you so much for this. This is something Drew and I could never live through again I’m sure. It’s so hard getting to the World Series and to watch my favorite team was very special!

Drew and I high-fived than hugged as soon as it was over. We stayed through the trophy ceremony and just sat there with the people around us not wanting to leave. Then we heard Wrigleyville is partying all over the streets so we went out. We hit one bar, then the next. We talked to complete strangers about being inside for the game. I bought a round of drinks and clanked my $7 bottle of water off beer glasses Lol It was so much fun. We got home early this morning. Drew was so drunk I had to call Sarah down to help me load him into the elevator. Uncle Drew did not attend Church with us this morning Lol He slept in. He was up by the time we got back, showered and trying to find some aspirin. I just uploaded MANY photos of me and drunk Uncle Drew onto my Facebook and his wife called. She figured he would party it up and she was right. She told me I’m not allowed to play with him for a while he’s grounded Lol So funny.

Lindsay is flying into Lincoln, Nebraska to meet my plane there. She is going to fly back with us and help Sarah with the boys. Drew won’t be much help but I told him I’m counting on him to help out. He said he will try. I said it’s only a short flight. The plan is to have a late lunch so the boys can get out of the plane a little bit. Then we will take off and head to Las Vegas for 1 week.

Auntie Lindsay’s house is not baby-proofed. She said it won’t be a problem she “fixed things” whatever that means. So when we arrive I will be setting up the boys’ room and getting started on baby proofing. I asked her to put up her bad stuff. She laughed and said there’s nothing bad in her house anymore. Yeah right. Last time she had a shotgun in a large vase by the front door. I told her put up all her weapons and she said she has a gun safe in the garage finally. That’s good news. It always made me uncomfortable how much she likes guns. And knives. She even has a sword for some reason although that did belong to Ben. And he refuses to come get it because that’s all he has left in her house.

I’m really excited to get my boys out to Las Vegas. Lindsay has set up some fun things for us to take them to. And she said she has bought them so much baby stuff I wouldn’t need to bring much. Just their diaper bags and some clothes. She said she has been buying baby clothes for 2 weeks in preparation. I miss her a lot. We have always been really close. Getting to spend time with my 2 best friends makes me so happy. I asked Drew if he could fly out next weekend with his family and he can’t. But he asked if we could stop by on the way home next weekend to have lunch and I said yes. We can do that. I can’t wait to see his wife and my niece and nephew. His kids are so awesome. I love them both very much.

We both have a family and it’s all we ever wanted. To raise our kids together. I told him I will be filing adoption papers for my daughter next year sometime. To start it out. And he said with my luck I will get her within a few months. Geez I hope not. I couldn’t handle that.

Church was really great this morning. Father mentioned the Cubs and said we are all praying for health of all the men playing in the games and one big shiny trophy to bring home to Chicago Lol We all laughed and enjoyed the moment.

If I haven’t said this enough the past week, GO CUBS! I can’t wait to see what happens in the World Series this year. I will be watching it from home. I won’t even try to get tickets. I want to be with my boys when the final game is played and by God’s mercy we win the title. I want to be there with them and not with a bunch of strangers. So I can say our family was together watching the Cubs win it all in 2016! Because to me that’s more important than anything.

Have a great week guys. I love ya’ll. Thanks for still coming here. Thanks for all the great comments. I have not gotten to any of them in months. Lindsay has kept the nice ones. The nasty ones of course get deleted and we block the nasty people. I’m so happy to continue my story. You guys have been so supportive of my journey. I can’t wait for you all to find out some big things I have coming up for 2017. Go enjoy your day. I know I will!

We’re going to Vegas, baby!

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