Hurricane Matthew

matthew   Hurricane Matthew is closer to hitting land in Florida. I am praying for everyone to get out of there. I know it’s going to side swipe the states but it’s still bad. We called all 6 of our employees off yesterday. We released $6,000 in emergency funds direct deposited at $1,000/employee for them to get moved, boarded up, gas, supplies or anything they needed. Our office will be closed in Miami until Monday and I’m hoping it won’t sustain too much damage. All 6 employees and their families also took us up on our offer to get them out west in a hotel for a few days. It took some convincing but once we said you can take your pets they all agreed. Why would I make them leave their pets during a Hurricane? Lol Geez. So everyone is checked in, enjoying hotel amentities but most of all they are safe. That’s the best I can do for them. I just hope they all have homes to come back to.

hurricane-matthew-5pm-october-5  If you are in the area, please follow whatever evacuation orders you have. Listen to the President, the Governors and mayors. As well as the local police. Get out of there. You can come back in a day or so. I don’t really know how long it’s going to last but it’s huge and on the news it looks scary.

I pray to God everyone is safe. The damage is minimal and that no one gets hurt. It’s already killed over 100 people. It’s so sad to see something like this happen. Take care everyone down there! Love ya’ll!

Everyone else please Donate to the Red Cross or any organization you can. I’ve already donated a couple thousand and will donate some more when the Red Cross does the next update.

Stay safe Southeastern U.S.!

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