I finished the Chicago Marathon yesterday!

Yesterday I finished the Chicago Marathon. It wasn’t my best run but it was the best I could do. My foot started hurting about half way through it. I did have to stop 3 times to walk a little. I wouldn’t say I ran any of it. I mostly jogged. I did put in some really good splits in the beginning. That part I’m happy with. My overall time was just over 4 hours. I think that’s pretty good. I had set a goal of 3 hours 30 minutes and I didn’t make that. I’m proud I made it through. I’m sore and exhausted. My legs never cramped up last night. I had prayed to God to get me through the night without any big pains Lol I’m mostly stiff. I feel like…well I ran a marathon Lol And I’m pretty much over running marathons now. My foot is never going to heal up enough for me to enjoy that again. I’m going to stick to running 5ks and smaller. I do very well with those. I have won a few of the smaller neighborhood ones before a few years back. I know my limitations now and I know all of that training was worth it. I am in the best shape of my life right now. I want to continue to workout, jog, walk my dog and stay active. I’m really enjoying yoga because I can already feel an improvement in my lower back. I’m not very flexible to begin with and being able to bend over with the babies is really helpful.

Everyone that ran in the marathon yesterday, you are the real mvp. I passed a few people and felt pretty good and near the end I was getting passed and felt like go ahead I don’t even care anymore Lol At the end of my run my boys were there waiting. They got to see me finish and play with my medal. I’m happy to say I survived. And never again!

I’m trying to keep my legs flexible today I’m trying to work then walk around a little to keep them moving. I wanted to go out to eat for lunch today with a friend but I told him just grab something and come here. I can’t walk over there Lol I’m being a big baby. Lindsay was very helpful in making sure I ate the right things yesterday and keeping me hydrated. She’s staying until Tuesday night. I’m glad she’s here. My boys laugh all of the time when she’s around. She has come up with some very creative language she substitutes for swear words which throws me off. But I’m glad to see she’s making an effort around them. I told her if their first word was any cuss word she was in big trouble. She said she’s working with them to say Auntie. I think that’s asking too much. It will be da da! Or with my luck Sarah Lol I don’t know yet we are still a few months off from that I think.

I’m going to get back to work here. Pray for my legs please. I know a few more days I will be fine but I am not 21 years old anymore. I’m 43. And a marathon finisher! Batman finished the race 😉

Have a great week everyone. Enjoy the weather. It’s beautiful outside!

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