Leaving Las Vegas

Our trip to Las Vegas this week has been awesome. The boys have enjoyed having crazy Auntie Lindsay around. She brings new energy and all kinds of weird stuff into their lives. I appreciate all the help she has given us and opening up her home to my family. She is going to fly back to Chicago with us today to help with the boys and we have a big meeting on Monday. She decided she wants to be there for an announcement.

It will be me, Sarah, my twins, Lindsay, all of our stuff, and 2 dogs Lol If that’s not enough to drive you crazy I don’t know what is. We are going to stop in Lincoln, Nebraska today to take a break for the boys and to see Drew and his family. Whatever time we get there we will go somewhere to eat. And give us an hour or so break. I think that’s smart. It worked the last time.

We have traveled so much this week it’s hard to keep track of all the places I have been to. I had to look at my schedule each morning to figure out where I was going that day. It gets tiresome fast. But always coming back in time to make sure my boys got to bed and spending time with Lindsay has been worth it. I forget how easy she is to get along with in person. It’s on the phone and text she can be difficult. I don’t like to argue but she says things I disagree with and it turns into her not listening or me not talking. We are working it out.

Tomorrow is Halloween and my boys have their costumes all ready to go. I have promised to post their photos on Facebook for my family and friends to see. I think their first Halloween will be great. I’m not taking them anywhere I’m just dressing them up. Taking baby twins around for free candy for myself is ridiculous. I don’t even like candy that much. I’m good with getting them dressed up, taking photos and letting them eat some pumpkin flavored baby food. That way I also don’t have to worry about the weather and them being out in it at night. Chicago hasn’t been the safest at night for a while. I prefer to get off work and get home. When I do walk my dog at night I stay where it’s well lit and I try to make it as fast as possible. I live in a great neighborhood but you never know what could happen.

I’m getting plans made for Lindsay and I to go to Paris for a few days soon. She wants to stretch it to 5 days, I think 4 days is enough. I asked if she wanted to stop in to London for a day because she loves it there. Also she could have her cousin fly in, she’s the Olympian Equestrian and lives in a country near by. She said no. I asked why she didn’t want to go to London and she said the shopping and food there is dull Lol I’ve always managed to spend money so I don’t know what she’s talking about. There was a discussion of taking Sarah with us to Paris. She has never been, she has always wanted to go. I haven’t asked her yet but I’m going to tomorrow. If she says yes I have to make sure the 2 part-time nannies can watch the boys. With their schedules sometimes it makes it hard. She may not even want to go. It would be a nice surprise and her passport is still good from her cruise last year to Mexico. She showed it to me and that’s when I got the idea of inviting her.

We are getting ready to go to Church. Lindsay is going with me. Sarah is watching the babies. After Church we are stopping to grab good then off to the airport we go. It’s going to be a long day and I really can’t wait to be home. I know my boys are ready to be home also.

Las Vegas was a fun trip and I really enjoyed it here. Great things are coming for all of our West Coast offices in 2017. We are ready for all of it now.

Have a great Sunday everyone! And Go Cubs! I really hope they win tonight. It would be upsetting to get this far and get knocked out in Game 5 of the World Series.

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