Seattle is very cool

This morning we are on our last leg of the West Coast journey. Seattle. What a great city to visit. Some of the world’s biggest corporations are headquartered here and it’s fun to see how much they have grown over the years.

We are here to meet with some investment people who need help. They want to talk to me about some of the Green LEED buildings we have. How did I keep expenses down, how much are they saving me and so forth. They also want to pitch an idea for me to maybe invest in. Those are fun meetings. Lindsay already left me to go shopping. We got through the first meeting and she told our driver to take her to the big mall off of whatever street she said. I said how do you know about the big mall and she said Oh I’ve been here a few times. Of course she has. She’s been everywhere.

So last night we got back really late. I stayed up to watch Game 2 of the World Series. My Chicago Cubs won! Go Cubs! Now it goes back to Wrigley and the hometown advantage is on. I’m not getting tickets. I want to watch it on tv and enjoy seeing the entire game. Being in the seats are great but you miss so much. And when they win I want to be able to tell my boys we were all at home together watching the game. Because maybe it will be another 100 plus years for them to win it again Lol

I’m tired. I can’t wait to get back to Lindsay’s tonight and crash. We will leave here around 3 and maybe get out of town by 4pm. I hope so anyway. Then it’s 3 days off and getting to go to a few shows. I’m excited to learn that Las Vegas is courting the Raiders with a beautiful new stadium. How fun would that be. Lindsay said she would get season tickets if that happened. She likes sports but she is doing it for bargaining powers. She will be able to get meetings with people if she takes them to Raiders games. Smart idea.

The boys are having a blast with Auntie Lindz. Sarah is enjoying time off. We have 2 helper nannies for the week and Sarah has been able to go shopping and have some fun. She went gambling yesterday and won $300. She was so excited. Good for her. And Sam jr just loves being with Lindsay. He sleeps in her bed Lol I’m offended! I can’t believe he does that but I know it’s because her dog sleeps in her bed too and he’s just doing it to be with her. The first nigh she called her dog upstairs to go to bed he followed. The next morning I asked her where did he sleep at and she said by her feet on her bed. What! My own dog. What a traitor. That is funny.

We are going to leave Sunday morning after Church. I’m going to get us over to Drew’s by supper time so we can have an early supper together. Then we will finish the trip home and get my boys to bed. I am shocked at how easy it’s been traveling with them. I really thought this would be harder but I think my boys are at a good age where sleep is winning against excitement and they pass out before any major fits happen.

We have taken so many photos of them. I’ve also gotten a preview of their Christmas presents this year and it’s really out of control. I told her no. Send them 2 presents each. She said fine. She gets to pick which 2. She won’t listen and will mail all of them I already know that. But some of them I will donate to somewhere.

We have already began planning our trip to Paris. I had it all worked out then she said she’s coming. That surprised me a lot. She never wants to go with me to the International stuff unless gambling is involved. She also wants to go to Dubai. So that will be a lot of fun also.

I think my next meeting is about to start. I will try to update this weekend.

Have a great day everyone!

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