West coast babies!

On Sunday afternoon I am packing up my twins, 1 nanny (Sarah) and we are heading to Las Vegas for a week. I have so much business to attend to and Lindsay needs help. She is swamped. She said she doesn’t even have time to blink her eyes Lol I think she has actually gotten more funny since she stopped drinking in June? I think it was June when she stopped. Either way she will be our host and she is dying to see my boys crawl. I hope they maul her Lol  She is such a brat she deserves it. We are also taking my dog because she has always loved “Puppy” as she calls him. And her dog gets along with him well. I asked her if she was ready for all of us and she said come on over. We will leave after Church.

Our trips will be daily. We have to hit Salt Lake City, Reno, Los Angeles and Seattle in 7 days. I pray that the babies fly well. They are now 8 months old! And ga ga ga ga’ing up a storm. Still no Da Da yet. They also put everything right into their mouths. I sat Alex down on the touch with me while I was fixing Heston’s sock and he put the tv remote right in his mouth. Sarah looked at him and said Oh he is so your son Lol Whatever. So now the smallest things that I never thought they would crawl and get into, they are getting into. I have learned to pick up my dirty workout clothes off of the floor because they will crawl all over them. I also found Heston in my closet sitting there looking at all of my clothes. That was a proud moment so I put a tie on him and he started crying. Proud moment…over. They go everywhere I go. They crawl after me like some snail paced baby zombies Lol It’s hilarious. And they are really happy. Things for them are all about staying healthy and happy right now. Before the cold weather hits.

The Bears play Thursday night. The team isn’t doing so well this year so it’s disappointing. I am flying up to Green Bay on Thursday night because I got tickets for Josh, John and I. I am so excited to see the home of the Packers. It’s legendary. It will be exciting. And I have not been able to get ahold of any Cubs playoff tickets but a buddy of mine told me if they make it back to Chicago for Game 6 or Game 7 he will sell me 2 of his 4 tickets. Which immediately put me into WHO DO I TAKE WITH ME panic Lol Until we know for sure I’m waiting. He told me the seats are in the outfield up 6 rows and that’s the best he could get. Better than me not getting any at all.

So we will go to Church, say goodbye to Heather and Brandi and load up my little family to fly out West. 2 8 month old babies and a dog on a plane. What could go wrong?


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