Thanksgiving plans 2016 for the Cooper House

I am hosting our family Thanksgiving this year at my house in Lake Forest. I have family flying in for a few days. Lindsay will be coming in tomorrow to help me coordinate everything. I’m picking her up a half hour after I drop Sarah off. She’s going home to Texas to see her family until Monday morning. I’m very happy she will be getting time with them. She hasn’t seen them much and I know they miss her like crazy. Brandi and Heather are off work until Saturday morning.

That’s when Lindsay and I are heading off to Paris. We will be there Saturday to Friday of next week. There is a lot of business stuff to check on and we are looking at a bigger office building. The one we leased out is too small now that we’ve expanded that business. All 6 employees are excited to see what we can get done in the few days we will be there. I’m just excited to be able to be in Paris with one of my best friends. We are going to have 2 security people with us. My corporate board insisted on that. I think it’s ridiculous but we will do our best to stay out of trouble. I know Lindsay will ditch her security guy the first hour he’s trailing her Lol No doubt about that. She already told me he better stay away from her so she can do Paris like a rock star.

I’m excited and a little worried. I don’t like leaving my babies that long. They are growing up so fast and they are noticing when I’m out of the room. They both set each other off with anxiety. It makes it hard for me to leave the nursery at night. But I know it’s okay to let them cry a little until they fall asleep. I still sit outside of the door listening and watching them on my Ipad with the Nannycam. They are getting better. It’s a new thing we are going through that shows they are growing up fast. I don’t like it when my boys cry. I tend to go pick them up too much. Sarah said they need to develop coping skills and I can’t rush in their every time. I need to work on that.

Thanksgiving, we have got all the flights figured out for the ones that won’t be coming on private planes. I was going to go pick some of them up but Lindsay told me not to worry about that stuff. We will be too busy getting ready for the inflow of people. We are heading up to the house tomorrow night to start helping get it ready. The beds got delivered yesterday and I managed to set them up in the rooms I decided would be turned into bedrooms. I have 34 total rooms in that house so it was pretty easy to figure it all out. And with no nannies using their bedrooms that cleared up 3 rooms for my older relatives. We still need to make sure the handicap stuff was installed in the lower bathroom for 2 of my older relatives that need a little extra help. And I made sure the elevator works since I rarely use it.

I’m not cooking. In fact no one is. I am having the whole thing catered. I will be getting up Thanksgiving morning early and beginning to make sure all of the food I ordered has arrived and is heating up. We are eating at noon, sharp. I’ve gone over this menu a dozen times I have it memorized. I’m also excited for the vegan things they are preparing for me and anyone that wants to try some. My boys will also be having a vegan Thanksgiving but I am going to give them a little bit of turkey to see what they think. Just because I’m vegan does not mean I will force them to be completely vegan. I want them to experience everything and decide for themselves. Having a taste of a little turkey won’t hurt anything. And I can see what they think of meat since they’ve never had any of it yet. It will be interesting. I hope they both spit it out and toss it off their plates Lol My luck they will both love it and bang on their high chairs for more.

My family is staying at the house as long as they like. The shopping will be really good this year so everyone wanted to go to the Mile and shop around. I’ve arranged buses to take them downtown. I know we have 76 RSVP’s but I’m not sure all of them will make it. I’m counting on maybe 50? Maybe a little more to show up. Either way it’s going to be a great time. I have a coordinator helping with the schedule. I just want everyone to eat as much as they want and really enjoy the time we have together.

I have already emailed everyone and told them to leave their politics out of my house. I want everyone to get along and not turn it into a “You Voted for Trump, you A**hole!” situation Lol But no one listens to me so we will see how that goes.

I’m so blessed in my life. I am so thankful for many things. Most of all I am thankful for my 2 little peanuts that are growing into such sweet and funny human beings. They mean the world to me and I’m so happy they are in my life. Their legal adoption has already happened, the judge sealed our records to protect them and me. They are officially Coopers and officially my sons. No one can ever take them away from me. And at the beginning of next year we are going to begin our search for my daughter. I want my boys to have a baby sister to look after. I know they will. Just as I look after them.

I love you guys for coming here. I don’t know how much I can update with this busy week. I will for sure find time at night in Paris to update how that trip is going. I look forward to hearing all about your Thanksgivings in Twitter DM and Facebook. I’m glad you are still here checking in on my story.

I’m single, I’m happy and I’m completely in love with my Heston and my Alex. My life is amazing. God bless you all and travel safe! Love ya’ll!

Rowboat Book Club Book #47

I love this author. He is such a sweet soul. This month we will be reading Thich Nhat Hanh’s The Miracles of Mindfulness.

In this beautiful and lucid guide, Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh offers gentle anecdotes and practical exercise as a means of learning the skills of mindfulness–being awake and fully aware. From washing the dishes to answering the phone to peeling an orange, he reminds us that each moment holds within it an opportunity to work toward greater self-understanding and peacefulness.

It’s all the Church I can take

Yesterday we got about half of the decorations set up. I have half of the Christmas lights on the house and half on the backyard. I stopped because I was sore and tired. This morning I got up and went to Church with Sarah and Lindsay. Heather stayed with the boys. Brandi went to grab breakfast for them. Church was awesome. I always feel uplifted, better, and happy when I walk out. I love it. It gives me a sense of peace and it also makes me feel protected and loved. Such a great way to start a new week. We left and grabbed something to eat. Of course more Starbucks. Then I’ve been working on getting the rest of the lights up. I finally came in to eat some lunch. I think it’s done. The only things we will do is pull out the huge inflatable Christmas decorations for the front yard when it’s time. I tested the lights and by a miracle every string lit up Lol I don’t like it when you go through all of that to have one bulb not work. Lindsay offered to hook the lights up to a laptop and have them flash on and off to the beat of Christmas music. I have seen that done before but I’m not into that. I just want to have a timer set on the lights, when it hits a certain time all of my outdoor lights and decorations come on. That’s good enough. I think it’s going to look awesome when the snow finally hits.

I also had to get all of the outdoor lights set up for the wedding that we are having at my house in December. We are going to put up a huge tent back there for my little baby cousin Ashley to marry her long time boyfriend Brett. I’m excited for them and honored when she called to ask me if they could do it at my place. I said sure, what do you need me to do. Then 15 emails later I realized I hadn’t put up the backyard lights to guide everyone to where the tent will be at. Lake Michigan will be their backdrop. The tent will be heated and light up with everything you can imagine. Her folks are going crazy about this tent. My entire house will be filled with people so I’m excited for that weekend. It’s going to be fun for everyone. And I get to have my family all here for an early Christmas with my boys. That’s my favorite part.

I’m getting ready to head out. The girls are taking the boys back to the city now. I’m taking Lindz to the airport. We are going to go hang out in the City for a few hours and visit some places together. She wants to meet up with some of her friends and have drinks. I found a bookstore nearby I want to go check out so we will meet up when she’s ready to go. I also want to stop and pick up a few things I need for work next week.

We have had such a great time. I have really enjoyed her staying here with me for so long. I told her I do miss having Ben around but she said Ben was fun but she’s much happier with no Ben. I still text with him sometimes and he seems to be doing well. I hope those 2 get back together some day. I really do.

I am enjoying the single life. I’ve been on a few days over the past few months. I stopped dating because my travel schedule was taking up all of my free time. These day trips for work can get tiresome. I’m glad to be able to stay in Chicago all of this coming week and not have to get up super early to fly off before the sun comes up. It’s almost getting time for me to park the plane for the year. I won’t fly in snow and ice. Especially now that I’m a dad.

I also talked to Lindsay a lot about adopting a girl. I think I want to start the search in January of next year. I realize it’s going to take a year or 2 to find my daughter but if I don’t start it, it may be longer than that. I think in 2 years we will be ready to have her in our lives and it’s a great age difference with the boys. She will always have protective brothers watching out after her and I really do hope they stay close all of their lives. My own version of The Big 3!

Anyone else watching This is Us? How great is that show! Every week it’s an emotional wave of what happens next. Great writing. And it feels a lot like 30 something, one of the shows my mom watched. I do remember that show and how it was pretty intense and made you think about life. I like watching it with Sarah to get her opinions on things. I hope it stays around for a while. It’s great to find a show that isn’t Glen getting whacked in the head and unfairly dying out of nowhere!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I have. My boys have. And everyone else has too I think. The girls were able to start their Christmas shopping. We had a family meeting about Thanksgiving and the schedule for the week of. That way I know what days I have help from them and what days I’m on my own. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. I really am. This will be my first Thanksgiving as a dad. It’s something I’ve always wanted. I’m thankful for God bringing Heston and Alex into my life. I’m also thankful that one baby turned into two. Unexpected and scary. So far it’s been good. I’ve learned a lot about myself and learned that my decisions now revolve around them. I’m a sucker for their little faces.

Time to get to the City for some fun! Thanks for coming here and keeping up with my life. God bless you guys and I love ya’ll!

A nice quiet Saturday? No.

We are at the lake house for the weekend. Lindsay is going home on Sunday evening so I am trying to get her to help me out with the Thanksgiving decorations. That went over not so well. She helped carry in one box from the garage than said Done. Which means she won’t do one more thing Lol She is helping watch the boys and wrangle them when they have crawled in the middle of the lights I have going all over the floor. I went out this morning and lost my mind. I bought so much Thanksgiving and Christmas decor it looks like it exploded. It’s coming together and the girls have been a huge help. I just want it to look great. I am hosting my family this year and it’s kind of a big deal for me. This is the dream to have everyone come to my house for Thanksgiving. So it’s happening. I am not cooking. I’m having it catered Lol Let someone else worry about the food. I ordered so much of it we will be eating for 3 days without worrying.

I went online and ordered a bunch of queen size beds to put somewhere. I’m basically going to be running a bed and breakfast. And I hired someone to manage all of it for me. She will be with us for 3 days to coordinate all the activities and things to do. I expect 50 people to be staying with us or nearby. It’s going to be the craziest thing I have ever done. Well until the wedding. That will be much worse I’m sure.

Sarah will be leaving us the day before Thanksgiving. She is going to her mom’s for a few days to spend Thanksgiving with her family. She deserves it. I wish she would go home more but she loves Chicago so much. And her family does come in to visit. The other 2 nannies will also be with their families which is fine. I will have enough help with the boys. And they are actually very easy to take care of right now. It’s when they start walking that’s going to be a chore I think.

I have to go get the lights up on the house. I have some neighbors coming over to help. If I can’t get this done I will get it hired this week and just enjoy what it looks like finished. I want to at least try to do it myself. As stupid as everyone keeps saying it is, I still like to build things and work construction. So I am going to put the lights on my own dang house!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. The weather is perfect! We are going to do a firepit tonight and enjoy burning some firewood and leaves. I’m making wood oven homemade pizzas for everyone. It’s going to be such a nice evening. I love this house. It really is turning into a family home.

I love ya’ll! Have a great Saturday!

New design has arrived

Since Lindsay is in town I asked her to fix my blog. Again. So she said the only way to fix the parser error was to add a new design because the Theme I was using was out of date and the designer was not going to update it anytime soon.

So she found this one and just finished putting it back together. What do we think? I do like you can read the whole post on the front page. That’s different. As long as you can get to the other posts. I did eliminate some features and I did add some new stuff. I’m still working on it a little but we have a meeting in a few.

Thank you Lindz for keeping this blog going. I do not have the skill set of the patience to figure it out. I like this one and I look forward to tweaking it a little to make it perfect.

I hope everyone has a great day today. I’m still on Cubs euphoria. I think that will last a while. So happy to be here still blogging away. Life is great!

Cubs Win in 10th Inning

Last night I hauled my family over to my office for a special family meal. I was going to take them out to eat but Sarah asked if we could watch the game somewhere else because the boys need their sleep. She was right. We did wake them up twice so I arranged to get the conference room set up with our big tv and a bunch of tables/chairs for everyone to be comfortable.

Lindsay and I got off work and split up. She went one direction to get the bbq and fixins, I went another way to get the pizzas and the chicken and salad stuff. Then I went to get the desserts and we met up at the office. She was already there setting up the tables for me and setting out the plates and silverware. The only thing I forgot to get was ice. Which worked out because I had to start hauling people over. The nannies helped drive both vehicles back and forth and I got everyone over in 3 groups. Man was that a hassle. Apparently some of my Aunts don’t want to sit with some of my cousins. It was musical chairs and I felt like an old dad saying Just go SIT DOWN Lol

We all watched the Pre-game Chicago Cubs show and enjoyed a meal. The game started and the first wave of airport bound family members started getting out of the door. We took a bunch of photos, we had a great few days together. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone. After they all left my employees with their families and friends that wanted to watch the tv with us came over. They helped us eat up all of the leftovers. Helped me clean up most of what we had and sat to watch the game. We still had plenty of food to munch on so it was actually really nice.

When it was bedtime for the boys Sarah took them home and left them in the care of Brandi who doesn’t get into the Cubs as much as we do. Sarah came back and was able to enjoy the rest of the game with us. I was so happy she was there. She has really enjoyed watching it with me. At first she was tired of me talking about the Cubs but I think they won her over with such an awesome series of games.

The game was incredible. I’m sure most of you watched it. It was back and forth. There was no clear winner. Just when you thought the Cubs had it locked down it went to crap fast. Lester came in and threw a wild pitch which scored 2. I almost had a heart attack. Then we came back on a great double by Ben Zobrist which scored Al jr! So great!

In the 10th inning when it was 7 to 6 Cubs lead we had to get 3 outs. Just 3. The first one was pretty easy, the second was a little tougher. At this point everyone is standing up praying. Please or Come on Cubbies. Or just one more out! And finally a base hit to Bryant who is smiling because HE KNOWS he has this play. Throw over to Rizzo who throws his arms up in the arm and we ALL LOST OUR SHIT Lol

We were jumping up and down, high fives, hugs. Dads and kids embracing, moms and kids hugging. It was awesome!!!!! I had so much fun watching the game like that I asked if they all wanted to do the Super Bowl like this too but catered and more comfortable chairs. They all voted yes so that’s a plan for next year.

Just hearing stories from everyone of how long they have been Cubs fans. The phone calls to people’s parents who were also watching the game. Our sales manager Jim called his dad and neither of them could even speak. His dad had to go out-of-town and missed watching the game but Jim told him doesn’t matter because you saw it happen. It was very emotional.

I was so happy to sit and watch the post game show. We all talked about how the Indians really did their best and they never gave up on the game. They made it so hard to win so thanks to the Cleveland Indians and all their fans for hanging in there last night. It could have gone either way. We had the better night.

And finally after 108 years, the CHICAGO CUBS are the 2016 World Series Champions!

cubswinI am not a lifelong Cubs fan. I am about 9 years into the Cub fan life. I appreciate all everyone has been through waiting. It really was an emotional event and I will never forget it. I ordered my Cubs World Series hats and shirts. I bought stuff for the boys too.

Tonight after work I’m taking my boys, Sarah, and Lindsay down to Wrigley field because I want to take some family photos. I want my boys to remember this photos. We will always be a Cubs family and I am so happy they won.

Great job Cubs. Thank you for an amazing season. Let’s do it again next year!


The Cubs aren’t the only one taking a Big Swing today

Last night I had a bunch of family and friends in town. We all watched the Cubs game at my condo and snacked on all kinds of good food. Some of my cousins liked the vegan dips I made. Some didn’t. My Uncles and Aunts just wanted to go to bed so we sent them back to the hotel for the night. Today everyone is out shopping and enjoying the city. When I get off work I’m taking everyone out for a nice family dinner and then they will be on their way back to their homes. My family is big and coordinating events is always a pain in the butt. I’m glad they are here. It’s important for my boys to know everyone. I did dress them up in their Halloween costumes for a 2nd time because I thought their costumes were hilarious. For my twins first Halloween costumes I decided to do Mario and Luigi. They both had on the plumbers outfits that was just a onesey in the 2 colors and then I put hats on them that had of course they kept yanking off. I did manage to get some awesome photos of them in the hats. Everyone laughed and loved it. After they all got to take pictures with them I changed them into their cubbie shirts for the game. My boys went to bed around 8:30 and we all tried really hard to keep it down. We did wake them up twice yelling at the tv and talking too loud. I know I’m a bad daddy for that but it’s the World Series. We were all excited.

Tonight is Game 7! I did not think the series would go to this game 7 so I’m happy and worried. Last night the runs kept coming in and then the Indians came back a little and that Uh oh panic sets in. This time the game finished strong and the win was hopeful. All we talk about at the office is the Cubs. It’s so exciting to everyone. I’m happy to live here and be able to watch it with my family. The entire city is going to go crazy tonight when we win. And if we lose, it’s another disappointment, another missed opportunity, and a heartbreaking end to an amazing season.

Lindsay has been a huge help wrangling everyone around. She does her best to keep her temper in check until something stupid happens then she just walks away and you can’t find her. She helped me feed everyone last night then helped Sarah get the boys to bed while I was cleaning up the kitchen with my Aunts. I forgot how much my family eats. I swear I had a fridge full on Sunday now I need to go to the store tonight and pick up more food. I thought about having food delivered but getting pizza at dinner time during the World Series is a few hour wait at some of our favorite pizza delivery places. I told them I will pick up food and bring it home. That’s the best I can do. Lindz and I will get off work at 4 and go hit the 3 places to pick up the things we need and head back home. I hope it’s enough. It’s like watching goats eat a pasture. You check an hour later and nothing is left on the tables Lol

Heston is the first to try to push himself up to stand. He hasn’t stood yet. We work with both of them to stand and help them learn to walk. No one has done it on their own yet. Sarah said we need to get their legs strengthened for it so we work on it every day. No first words either unless Gababagabagaba is a word. That’s what it sounds like anyway. I hope Dada is their first words. I really do. I’m dying to hear it. I say it a million times a day to them trying to teach them. Sarah said the first word might be Hi since we all say that a lot too.

This weekend I decided to take everyone up to the lake house. I want to start decorating it for thanksgiving and Christmas. I have some things but I need to buy a lot more. The girls said they will help me shop for stuff. I want Christmas lights on my house. I want to buy out Hobby Lobby and get crazy with it. I want my boys to always love Christmas and enjoy the traditions we will have. I’m a real Christmas tree guy. I recycle it afterwords but I love the smell of it. There is nothing like a real tree. I’ve had the store trees before and it’s just not the same.

I went ahead and deleted about 600 pending comments. I haven’t gotten to them in months and I won’t get to them anytime soon. Thank you all who wrote a comment and shared a thought but sorry I’m not publishing or answering them. The good news is it’s a clean slate right now so you can start all over. I will get to the new ones if Lindsay doesn’t delete them all.

I’m going to finally open up about a few things. It’s frustration at this affair that won’t seem to go away. I don’t understand why people continue to be interested in me at all. So here’s a few things I want to say.

Yes I am aware for a 3rd season in a row Meri is still talking about our affair and lying. She is sticking to the fake catfish story yet again and it’s disappointing to me she can’t move on from it. I know they need ratings and I know she is trying to cover up all of her lies about the voicemails and how she really felt about me. However I’m not going to watch it. She has lied so much I don’t think me adding to it will do any good. She is never, ever going to admit the truth. Even when her own daughter knows and openly criticizes her for not being honest and hiding a lot of what really happened. The truth is I moved on a long time ago. I don’t talk about it because it’s in the past. The internet trolls are still playing their insane games and trying to solve some great mystery about me. Instead of just asking me or Lindsay anything they make up, create, and completely lie to create stories about my life and Lindsay’s life. The truth is Jackie Overton has never met Meri Brown. The truth is Jackie Overton is not a catfish and has nothing at all to do with any of this. She has moved from Oklahoma and is working hard at her job, living a good life and really pissed off that the tabloids and the internet trolls continue to lie and throw her name into this scandal.

The truth is there never was a catfish. Never. I had an affair, I ended it, I stayed away from Meri. She continued to contact me, continued to try to get ahold of me and ask to see me. I refused so she got scared and lied. She claims I’m a catfish yet she refuses to say a name. She offers ZERO proof at all. She gets all red-faced and makes no sense in her stories. Many times she makes stuff up on the spot. She has never had 1 person back up her stories and her family fell apart after they found out she cheated. She latched onto the story that was made up by the trolls and sold it to her family, her friends, and her fans. All in an attempt to cover up the truth. That we had a real affair. We met, we were in love, we had sex, and we wanted to be together. She was leaving her husband and family for me. We broke up and she is still living a quiet life alone. She doesn’t get the attention she wants, she obviously can not let go of how she feels about me and will do anything in her power to ruin me and my life. She has her trolls attack me daily, still. The good news is the troll group has dwindled down to 6 or 7 people who continue their online bullying.

Please keep in mind if you do a search on Twitter with my @notbatmanyet you will read and see the kind of things the people say about me. It’s disturbing. These are horrible women with no lives. They have attached themselves to a tabloid rumor and want to continue to feed off of it because they have nothing better to do but be mean. The truth is these trolls have caused so many problems in their own groups they can’t get along, can’t work together and only bash anyone that disagrees with them. The trolls have accomplished nothing. They have nothing to show for over a year of cyberbullying me, Jackie, and Lindsay. The sad part is that these women put so much effort into something that is none of their business. The affair was between Meri and I. No one else. Lindsay and Kendra were privy to a lot of information about what was going on. That’s it. No one else knows the full story. Anyone that came in after the fact is making shit up. That part can be frustrating. I have learned over the past year to ignore and block the trolls. They don’t have anything positive to add or say. They never ask me direct questions. All they do is hammer away at one idea and offer no proof on anything they say. Most of what is out there is all fake and lies. The real truths get overlooked and hidden. Why is that? The entire time everyone has heard me say over and over it was an affair. Why not investigate that? There were hotels we were at, restaurants we ate at, places we were seen together, a lot of people she met with me standing right there. There is so much proof yet no one looks at it. And Lindsay and I just laugh and laugh at all of the mistakes and lies the trolls make.

What all do you know about me? What I have said here about my life or what some tabloid wrote about me when the writers of the articles have never once spoken to me? See why I continue to maintain this blog? Because my story and my truth is right here. Anytime the show gets back on the air I sell a lot more of my books. I get a lot of hits to my website that makes me an enormous amount of money. And I also get my side of the story out there. A lot of people watched last season and saw the lies Meri was trying to tell. They also saw how TLC was editing the show to prove that Meri will lie to her husband to avoid getting into trouble. She is more of his assistant than his wife. I’ve said that for over a year now. And watch the show this season. Will that change? Will they grow closer after she cheated and lied to him? Or is he still distant and spending time with everyone, except her? You will see from day 1 I told ya’ll she was lying. And more of her lies will come out.

I would like everyone to leave me and my kids alone. We have a great life. I’m very happy. They are healthy and I ask you respect our privacy. I also know no one is going to do that so keep commenting. You will continue to be ignored, blocked and have nothing to show but your own hate and anger at a situation that is none of your business. I’m happy to answer questions. I have done my best to always be open and honest. I’m glad that things are quieting down and I pray that Meri finds happiness. The stories about her dating a guy in Hawaii are bs. She is talking to someone on the phone and texting him but it’s not that guy Lol All has been confirmed. I’m happy she found a new guy to talk to. She needs that. Don’t believe me? All Kody has to do is go look at her cellphone bill from Verizon. The proof is right there. Will he? Nope because he wants to continue to live a life of stuffing his head in the sand. He doesn’t care. I pray everyday that she leaves Kody. He is toxic to her. He doesn’t fulfill her life in any meaningful way anymore and he will continue to ignore and distance himself from her. He is not a good guy like he wants the world to believe. He is a verbally abusive, controlling guy that wants to justify 4 marriages when that’s not at all what it has turned into. What part of his religious life does he want to share with everyone using a tv show? There is barely any mention of it anymore. The focus has become what can this family do to peak interest and get ya’ll to watch them so they can keep cashing checks and not do any real jobs to become active members of society. Yes fame can be fun I guess. But when the show is over, who will they become? And how long until the money is gone. If you put your money in the hands of a non-college educated person and a money hungry 2nd wife, how long will that last you when you have more bills/taxes to pay than you can afford. They are all setting themselves up for a huge drop. It’s coming sooner than they think. And I hate to see it happen. I think the Brown family could have done so much more with this opportunity but they coast by with minimum responsibility to a show and a tv network that is their lifelines. The greatest indication of how much polygamy does not work for this family is NONE of their children want to partake the lifestyle. That tells me right there how bad growing up with Kody as an abuser and dictator has been. If he has to actually go out and get a real job in the next year or 2, who will even hire him? What can will he put on his resume the last 7 years of his life?

And yet I’m the bad guy Lol I have taken a lot of shit for months. It’s been very unfair yet I continue to say nothing and be graceful. I don’t know what led me to finally say something but it feels good to get some of this off of my chest. I have taken full responsibility all along for the affair. I knew she was married. I knew she was still in the family. I should have asked her to leave then gotten with her. I should have backed off. I was in love. I fell completely in love with her. I won’t ever apologize for that. But when will Meri ever take responsibility? When will Kody? Why is it all my fault when she was actively pursuing me from day 1. The voicemails she left on my phones do not lie. She was not forced to say or do anything at all. She was not threatened in any way. She was never asked to send naughty photos or do anything outside of her comfort level. She willingly continued the affair for months because she was so happy. And then we broke up. I stayed away from her refusing to talk to her and she got pissed. Then she got revenge. That’s all that happened here. Watch what I continue to do with my life and businesses and watch his. It’s no wonder to me at all that Meri found me and fell in love. Because I have always had more to offer her than working for someone who no longer cares and just wants the money she can make. He takes all of the money and divides up as needed. He does not dole it out to what each wife actually makes filming the show. That causes a lot of resentment and fights. There is so much more I can open up about since I was close to Meri for months. She confided a lot to me and I think it’s time I finally start talking about that. She deserves better. I hope she leaves Kody. I will always stand up for myself on this subject and continue to state the truth. There was no catfish. Not at all. Meri lied.  And I can’t wait to see what her life will become once she is finally free from that douchebag.

Just sayin 😉