A nice quiet Saturday? No.

We are at the lake house for the weekend. Lindsay is going home on Sunday evening so I am trying to get her to help me out with the Thanksgiving decorations. That went over not so well. She helped carry in one box from the garage than said Done. Which means she won’t do one more thing Lol She is helping watch the boys and wrangle them when they have crawled in the middle of the lights I have going all over the floor. I went out this morning and lost my mind. I bought so much Thanksgiving and Christmas decor it looks like it exploded. It’s coming together and the girls have been a huge help. I just want it to look great. I am hosting my family this year and it’s kind of a big deal for me. This is the dream to have everyone come to my house for Thanksgiving. So it’s happening. I am not cooking. I’m having it catered Lol Let someone else worry about the food. I ordered so much of it we will be eating for 3 days without worrying.

I went online and ordered a bunch of queen size beds to put somewhere. I’m basically going to be running a bed and breakfast. And I hired someone to manage all of it for me. She will be with us for 3 days to coordinate all the activities and things to do. I expect 50 people to be staying with us or nearby. It’s going to be the craziest thing I have ever done. Well until the wedding. That will be much worse I’m sure.

Sarah will be leaving us the day before Thanksgiving. She is going to her mom’s for a few days to spend Thanksgiving with her family. She deserves it. I wish she would go home more but she loves Chicago so much. And her family does come in to visit. The other 2 nannies will also be with their families which is fine. I will have enough help with the boys. And they are actually very easy to take care of right now. It’s when they start walking that’s going to be a chore I think.

I have to go get the lights up on the house. I have some neighbors coming over to help. If I can’t get this done I will get it hired this week and just enjoy what it looks like finished. I want to at least try to do it myself. As stupid as everyone keeps saying it is, I still like to build things and work construction. So I am going to put the lights on my own dang house!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. The weather is perfect! We are going to do a firepit tonight and enjoy burning some firewood and leaves. I’m making wood oven homemade pizzas for everyone. It’s going to be such a nice evening. I love this house. It really is turning into a family home.

I love ya’ll! Have a great Saturday!

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