New design has arrived

Since Lindsay is in town I asked her to fix my blog. Again. So she said the only way to fix the parser error was to add a new design because the Theme I was using was out of date and the designer was not going to update it anytime soon.

So she found this one and just finished putting it back together. What do we think? I do like you can read the whole post on the front page. That’s different. As long as you can get to the other posts. I did eliminate some features and I did add some new stuff. I’m still working on it a little but we have a meeting in a few.

Thank you Lindz for keeping this blog going. I do not have the skill set of the patience to figure it out. I like this one and I look forward to tweaking it a little to make it perfect.

I hope everyone has a great day today. I’m still on Cubs euphoria. I think that will last a while. So happy to be here still blogging away. Life is great!

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