1st Birthday Party planning started

My twins first birthday is coming up. With everything I have going on I decided to start planning their party months in advance. We decided to go with a football theme. We are going to have a custom football shaped cake made with vegan ingredients. I want the cake to taste extra delicious so we are still searching for the right bakery to help out with this. I have been looking online for football decorations and did go to a few party stores to see what they had to offer for football birthday stuff. I have bought a few things and tucked them safely in a spare closet. We decided to have their party at the lake house. I have invited my entire family and expect most of them to show up. They also know that a weekend with me will also include shopping, all the good they could eat, and a fun family time. I am working with the same party planner I had before. She and I did not get along at all Lol But at the end of the day she did a great job and I asked her to help again. She said she needed to think about it. She contacted me the next day, doubled her price and said that’s what it would take to work with me. I said ok and told her this time she would work directly with Sarah. I think having Sarah in the middle will be better.

We are NOT going to have one of those over the top kids parties you see on tv. It’s going to be cake and ice cream the boys will get to open presents with my help and then we are all going to just hang out. I’m not going to have a bouncy house, a petting zoo or anything ridiculous for 1 year olds. They can’t really enjoy much because they are still too young but I wanted to make it more about the family being there than anything else.

Now when they are 4 and they really start to realize how fun their birthdays can be I will probably lose my mind and go big time for them. I want it to be special and casual. Not fancy. She asked if I wanted an ice sculpture with the number 1 carved and I said no and that’s the exact opposite direction I want to go. I said I wanted her to help more with the decorations to make it look awesome. And to help me come up with party ideas to make it fun. I told her I wanted a photographer and one of those silly photo booth things set up on one of my walls. I am pretty sure I can get my boys to be held and have pictures taken with people at random times. If we do one after the other that won’t work. But if we do smaller groups we can get them in all the photos.

I think that’s the most we will do. I can’t wait to see my boys smash their little football cakes and chow down Lol I watched some 1st birthday videos on Youtube and they are so hilarious. Sarah and I were laughing so hard at some of their expressions once they get to taste it. We had a long discussion on whether to make have a vegan cake but I told her I didn’t want to deny them a sugary cake I just wanted to make sure they can eat it and not get all hyped up and crazy. They both tried turkey at Thanksgiving. That was a debate also but I decided to let them try it. Heston spit it out. That’s my boy Lol Alex woofed his down and smacked his high chair for more. I gave him 5 bites of turkey and then he spit out the last piece. Heston does not like meat yet. I know that will change but for now I decide what to feed them. You can’t even tell my boys are vegan. They are both so big and healthy. Their pediatrician is impressed with their growth chart and is happy to see Alex thriving. I really thought I had screwed up when he wasn’t gaining weight. He was so thin for a few weeks and I was scared. Knowing it was just a digestive issue for them made it a quick fix. We have never had an issue since. We have dealt with some throwing up and few runny noses but nothing at all serious.

We have teeth coming in, they are crawling everywhere and we are working hard to help them learn to walk. If you hold them up they will kick and get going a little forward. Mostly sideways Lol I told Sarah last night I’m going to end up with the kids that walk sideways not forward and back. She just laughed.

By the time my sons are 1 years old the decision to adopt again will already be made. We will already have begun our search for their little sister. I will be adopting again in the next few years. I don’t know who she will be, what she will look like or where she will come from. All I know is God will lead me to her and I will bring her home. The urge to have a daughter has been really strong ever since the 3rd month of having the boys home. I thought having a little sister would be the best for our family. Most likely I will adopt a few more times. I want a big family. I can afford to provide for them and I will devote my life to my children. I want my life’s work to be about raising my kids and doing all I can to parent them always. I have so many hopes and dreams for my children. I know adding to my family will only bring us more love and compassion for each other.

This first year has flown by. Celebrating my boys will be a big family event and I can’t wait to see what we come up with. A football theme is a great start. And we all know they will most likely end up with 10 or so Batman themed birthday parties in the near future Lol

Party planning is not my favorite thing but watching my boys enjoy their family and cake will mean everything to me. I am so happy to be their dad. It’s been the greatest part of my life for sure. I’m happy to continue to share stories from their lives with all of you.

Is it February yet!

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