Design and Conquer?

We are working on a new theme for my blog. The other one has a bunch of technical issues and I want my blog theme to work 100%. I’m also able to change out the entire color scheme by picking what colors I want to use. That is not something I could do with the other themes. I like the look of this one. Over the next few days we (Lindsay) will be fixing it a little at a time until I am happy. She has threatened to blow this entire blog up if I tell her I don’t like this theme once she’s done with it Lol It wouldn’t take but a few clicks and it would be all gone.

I’m trying to make it festive also. That’s why the snow turned red so you will able to see it better. That’s why the header is Christmas related and I plan to add other Christmas images there. I’m really hopeful this will be the final design and I will quit messing with it. I have learned now that if it says UPDATE THEME don’t touch it Lol Let Lindsay look at what changes are made so she can see if they will affect the other plugins we use. I have about 15 plugins that help make the blog look and work the way it does. Each time you update the plugins you are at risk of messing up your theme. When it throws a database error (Whatever that is) it can crash the site. I’ve sat through a few crashes blowing up her phone to ask for help. Then I have to sit through endless amounts of lecturing of not to touch anything. I’m the writer, just write. I know I know.

Please be patient as we work things out. If you see errors it’s because she’s working and fixing on it live. She’s online and doing stuff. Please don’t send in comment about what is broken we have an error log that shows it. She fixes each one by one and it’s a fix it and look strategy. All things over my head anyway so I appreciate all of the hard work she puts in to it. It’s not my fault she is technical and can do this stuff. It’s also not my fault I have big dreams for my blog and want all the new fancy bells and whistles. I’ve agreed to scale it back to this. And I am very happy with it.

Wish us luck!

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