From Paris to a Wedding to Dubai

I’m home from Paris. We got in early this morning. We flew into New York first and rested an hour before we took off in my plane and came home. I did manage to sleep most of the way to New York so that helped. We made it to the condo and managed not to wake up the boys. I got our bags into the rooms then took a shower. I was exhausted but I still wanted to sneak in and check on my babies. I missed them so much. I told Sarah to wake me up as soon as they were up in a few hours. She said okay. At 6:15am they were up. And they both started crying as soon as they heard my voice and saw me. I know they missed me too. My heart is so full of love for them. I hate these longer work trips. I make the most out of my day trips out-of-town. I have several coming up this week then I have to go to Dubai. I also have to squeeze in my cousin’s wedding at my lake house on the 10th. It’s going to be a very busy week.

My twins’ birth mom and grandma stayed after Thanksgiving and helped watch the boys until Sarah got back from vacation. They did stay until Wednesday and said they loved it. They are shocked at how much the boys are so interactive now. I heard everyone had a great time and that they do plan to come back 2 days after Christmas to be with us. I’m so happy to have them. They are all welcome anytime. The grandpa still isn’t coming yet. He will come around. He is struggling with seeing them and not being able to take them home. He has always had a hard time with his daughter’s decisions but I know once he is here he will see that he is their grandpa and he gets to do the best thing in the world, love on them then go home and let me do all the hard work. I pray he visits us for Christmas. If not, I pray he makes it for their 1st birthdays.

Sarah and my nannies worked out a great schedule. I’m glad to know my team is still working well together. Any issues we had are long gone. We still have family meetings once a month unless there is something that comes up and we need an Emergency family meeting. Those are always fun (Not really) and it’s usually resolved in a day or two. We have the schedule for Christmas. I told them all again go be with your families. We can do our celebrations before Christmas and then we will see all 3 of the girls back here after New Year’s eve. I will be fine. I also know Lindsay will be here for both Christmas and New Year’s so I have it covered. The boys are doing great.

Lindsay and I took a long nap after we got the boys fed, bathed, changed, and had play time. The time difference is killer. We will catch up soon but I told her I may be taking another nap tonight. I’m yawning my face off right now.

On to our Paris trip…

We had a list of 20 things to take care of while we were in Paris for a week. And we got 14 of them accomplished. We did manage to buy a new building for the employees. They are now tucked away in a safer location and feel better about things. I made sure to get bulletproof glass ordered on the renovation just in case. I highly doubt anything bad is going to happen, however, you never know. So I would rather pay extra and make sure no one can get hurt sitting and working. I hosted our office Christmas party on Friday afternoon. I invited everyone and our vendors we work closely with. We had a big raffle of prizes and cash. Everyone there won something. It was pretty much a fixed raffle. Not hard when you have 24 people total in attendance. They also got their bonuses early. They all appreciated that. That office was able to put us into the profits by July of this year. So I was able to give them $3,000 each as a Christmas bonus. Also in the card I let them know they are all getting a raise starting January 1st and I hope they will all earn bonuses by July of next year also. I want them all to work with me forever and I wished them all a very Happy Holidays. It was a lovely party. I really tried hard to make it special.

Lindsay and I made some bigger decisions in regards to expansion. We are going to hire 4 more people in January 2017. We are going to start doing some commercial flips and I’m happy to announce that we are also going to open up a new business there probably in September of 2017. Details on that later next year.

Of course we did some sightseeing as well as some shopping. I took my Cubs World Series hat and t-shirt. I took a lot of really cool selfies wearing that in some famous spots in Paris. I uploaded all of my Paris photos onto my Facebook. I still won’t share my personal or work photos online. Sorry. Although I have added several of you that asked me to add you there. I’m glad to get to know you guys. It’s fun to see your photos and updates. I’m glad we have all been connected for so long now.

Onto the Dubai trip. That’s happening the 12th to the 17th. That trip is going to be mostly all travel time and only a very short visit to sightsee and shop. I’m taking Lindsay and Sarah. Sarah wants to go. I said yes. She is very excited and I will do all I can to make the trip extra special since Lindz and I will be busy most days. It’s the 2nd place on my list to move the boys to someday. It’s such a great place. I see huge potential there with the right networks and resources I can make a boom amount of money and send it back to the States. I will be able to take on much bigger construction jobs and contracts to get that company growing into other states. I have always wanted to get into building high rises but could never afford that. This may be the way to do it. I have so many dreams of starting a new company once I retire at the end of 2017 from SJC. It’s been a long run and I know keeping 90% ownership over every business and allowing my people to run things in our framework that I can do all of the things I dream about. Maybe finally going to culinary school. I don’t know about that one because my hand has been so badly damaged and my knife skills will probably get me failed. I just can’t grasp like I need to. I looked into surgery but it’s too risky. I’m waiting to see what other options can come through for me. Dubai may be the best decision for me. But we still have Las Vegas on the list of possible places to live. Lindsay says if we continue to do casino and energy investments we can make more money than anything we do in Dubai. Her weed investments that I laughed at are making her serious money. So much so she wants to partner up in my other businesses. I told her no Lol Go get your own. She is making a lot of money and still wants me to pay her more next year. We will see. The deals she brokers are important and she always gets things on my terms for the most part. It would be fun to see what happens.

She also wants to invest into the NFL. She wants to buy a part of the Las Vegas Raiders football team if they are officially moving soon. She thinks that would be a great investment with a legendary team and wants in early. I put aside some money just in case. She is putting away some of her weed money to invest if it’s a Go. We are watching the news reports on that to see when to approach the ownership. We might only get 5% or so. But it’s still a piece of it. And it would make her happy. We will also see what happens there.

I think I will go take that nap. I have a lot of posts I have not published yet. I will work on that tonight. I have a lot to share and say.

Thank you all for coming here. I hope you are having a great weekend. Love ya’ll!

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