Happy Holidays x2

 Auntie Lindz is in town and she brought and shipped presents for everyone. I picked her up last night then said goodbye to the last nanny standing. It’s just me with the boys for a few days. I’ve gotten very good at figuring out how to do things by myself and have enjoyed having some guy time with my twins. Lindsay has family here so she’s going to split time between the two towns.

We spent the day making candy and looking through photos from this year. I can’t believe how much Heston and Alex have grown. Their first year has gone so fast!

We will be taking the boys to Midnight Mass tomorrow night and then I will get up at 5am and go serve food at our annual Church breakfast for the homeless. I’m working until 8. Just in time to grab breakfast and bring it home for Lindsay and I. Then Christmas morning it’s my boys very first Christmas! I’m very excited this year. They each got plenty of gifts but I did not allow myself or anyone to go crazy.

I want to wish all of my readers a very Happy Holiday season and a very Merry Christmas. Most of all Happy Birthday Jesus! I love you all!



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