It’s Almost (Christ)mas time

Happy Holidays! 2016 is going to be the best Christmas celebration of my life. I have Heston and Alex to thank for that. I’m so excited to spend Christmas eve with my boys and Auntie Lindsay. Then at midnight we are all going to Christmas mass. It’s a family tradition that is important. I wish I would be back in Lincoln for Christmas this year but I selfishly want to be alone with them. To make sure they are getting all of my attention and I am doing all I can to spend the day with just them. If I take them out-of-town I will have to share the time with everyone else and I don’t want to. Not the 1st Christmas. It’s also hard to travel with them. That’s why I haven’t done it that much.

I am going to take the boys back to Lincoln, Nebraska to spend a few days with the family this week. I need them to enjoy the time they have and also let the nannies take a break. All 3 of my nannies will be with the boys for the 3 days I will be away. I have to hit the west coast of all of our companies so I can wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to also personally tell them all 2017 is my last year. I think it will be a shock to some of them. A few may try to immediately ask about who will take over. The plan for that has already been in place and I look forward to seeing all of my employees so I can thank them for their hard work. They will get off at noon on the 23rd and not come back to work until the 27th. Then they will get a half day off on the 30th and come back to work January 4th, 2017. I try to give everyone multiple days off to travel and spend time with their families. It’s so important to me and I want to honor my committment by offering the same to them.

We have been watching Christmas movies all morning and I’m already getting excited. My boys sort of know who Santa is. Every time we get out the Santa dolls or we tell them about Santa Heston says OOohhhh Lol He loves Santa as much as I do. Alex just cries. He is predictable. I want my boys to understand Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus. We have already been reading them stories about Jesus’s life and will take them to Mass so they will get to hear the songs we sing to praise His life. God’s sacrifice for all of us needs to be honored every year if not everyday. I want my boys to know from the beginning that it’s not all about presents and food. It’s so much more. And we will spend a great amount of time at Church events every year.

Both of my homes have been beautifully decorated for Christmas and we have made sure to incorporate a lot of religious ornaments and things for the boys to see. This year and the next they may not understand the huge significance but in time they will. I also brought out my family ornaments from my childhood. My brother and I made awful homemade Christmas decor in school or at Church and my mom always proudly displayed them on the tree every single year. I’ve kept that going and will one day explain to my boys each ornament. It’s always a reminder to see my brother’s face on his 4th grade ornament. I think of him everyday and wish he were with me. It’s been too many years since he passed away and I continue to pray for his soul. He was a broken young man without the love and support he wanted. We all tried and we all failed him. In the end he was buried alone without any type or marker being present. And it saddens me I can do nothing about that.

I also think of my grandmother at Christmas. She loved this holiday. I miss hearing her voice yell at me from the kitchen and tell me to get in there. I miss her hugs and her snapping at me to stand up straight. She would have loved my boys more than anything. She would have loved everything about them. I miss having her here but I know she is up in Heaven telling God to stand up straight Lol

I wanted to spend a little time talking about all of you. Over the past few years I have enjoyed reading the comments. I have gotten a lot of support from total strangers. The strangers have stayed around and become good friends. I wish all of you the best Christmas has to offer. Please donate money, time, prayers, or anything you can to others this year. There is always a need. You have a responsibility to provide something for someone else during this season. It’s what makes you whole. Doing for someone less fortunate than yourself is the best way to live you life. I will volunteer on Christmas day as I always do and help feed the homeless. I’m going to spend 4 hours helping with a breakfast my Church hosts each year. I can’t wait to see the faces of the people who will enjoy a good hot meal and the warmth of love and charity. I pray for each person I serve and I ask God to make their lives easier. I love them all as I love all of you. You have all continued to watch my family grow. You have offered great advice on how to deal with the new things my babies are doing. And you also voice your opinions and thoughts about my writings. I love hearing what you think. Please never stop reaching out to me. I may never respond but if Lindsay allows a good positive comment through I do read all of those.

You are always welcome here as long as you are respectful. I appreciate each of you and I pray your Christmas for the 2016 holiday season is all you wish for. Happy Holidays to all other religions and belief systems. I’m aware not everyone here is a Christian. I offer my prayers to you and your families as well. I love you all. Merry Christmas everyone!

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