My Cousin’s Wedding

On Saturday my baby cousin got married at my Lake house. My entire family, a lot of our friends and all of the groom’s side showed up. She said only 9 people didn’t make it. I had a houseful. She had her wedding team show up earlier in the week to get my house decorated up. She asked me to be the Head Usher and my boys to be the ring bearers. The discussion was how are my boys going to get down the aisle. I was in a tuxedo already so I told her I would carry them. She wanted me to pull them in a decorated wagon and I told her they are mobile now so chances are they would fly out of it as soon as we put them in. The next option was to have Sarah and I carry one each and bring the rings down to the Pastor. That was what we did. My cousin was okay with it. As long as both rings got down there she no longer cared.

When I got to the house after our work event I saw ho much work went into the entire thing. My goodness it was beautiful. No wonder she asked me to leave my dog at home Lol I had the pet nanny kid come over and take care of him for me. The entire staircase and all of the living room by my fireplace was awesome. She ran me through how it would go. She told me what my responsibilities were for the next day then she went to bed. I did get in kind of late. The groom was at a hotel staying with his family and friends. They had all of their transportation worked out so I didn’t have to work on that. I told everyone I was going to make a big breakfast and it would be served from 7am to 9am. After 9 you were on your own.

I got up whipped up all kinds of stuff and set it up as a buffet so that you could grab whatever you wanted. I fed about 45 people in the morning. Then I was told to get all of our family to the house and make sure they actually showed up. Lindsay was in town and that meant all of my female cousins and a few of my male cousins would sneak off with her, get into all kinds of trouble and show up late. Most likely smelling like a brewery. This time they all sat in my guesthouse and did whatever they were doing. Lindsay said she has already ruined a dozen of my big family events by getting my cousins hammered and this time she was going to be the responsible one. It worked out great because no one got yelled at Lol

Thee wedding started on time, everyone was on time, and in place. We carried my boys down the aisle. The photos and videos were going and I took the rings from the boys. As soon as I handed the rings to the Pastor my boys both had a meltdown Lol I guess they thought the rings were theirs and decided it was not cool to give them up. So I had my nannies take them upstairs so the screaming would stop. Thanks for that one boys! The rest of the ceremony was beautiful and perfect. The vows were traditional and at the end it was a nice, respectable kiss. Nothing too crazy.

My cousin looked so beautiful and happy. We have all waited to see how long before she got married. And finally she had her day. We all partied and ate in the formal dining room and nearby rooms. Everything was really cool. The dance party and the special Groom’s dance he did with his 10 groomsmen was hilarious. They all threw on sunglasses and started trying to stay on the beat. My cousin laughed and gave them all high fives for their efforts. The father daughter dance was very sweet and I could tell he was so happy for his little girl.

In the end they took off to their 10 day honeymoon to Jamaica. Everyone else slowly filtered out and I was left with a houseful of people taking down wedding decor. I was asked if I would ever rent out my house for more events and I said no. I don’t feel comfortable with that. It’s my weekend home for me and my boys and I don’t want to have to juggle our schedule to accommodate anyone.

I thank God for my cousin finally finding her lobster. She has waited and waited. Been through a lot of toads. She finally found her King and I’m so happy for her. I know they are having a great time on their honeymoon. I pray their marriage lasts forever.

We all had a great time. It was worth all of the mess they left.

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