New website design

I’m getting ready to enter my 5th year of having this blog. January 1st, 2012 is when I started it. I had it under 2 different names back then and finally settled on this name. I’ve had 6 or 7 different designs and never really changed much. I like the newer design we are using but some of the functionality is not working right, Lindsay won’t fix it so I’m changing my theme design…again.

Stay tuned as we work on it today and hopefully get it finished up before she leaves tonight. I am not going to the Bears game today because I missed my boys and I want to stay home and cuddle with them. I gave my tickets to my buddy Josh as his Christmas gift this year. He’s taking a friend from work. Have a great time Josh. I hope we win, Go Bears! and I really do hope we can get this blog fixed. I like so many things with the newer design. I just want it to work.

Pray it works better this time 😉

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