Our first Christmas

We took the boys to their first ever Christmas mass at midnight on Christmas Eve. Surprisingly enough they slept through most of it. When we stood up to leave that’s when they decided to wake up and cry. Thank goodness it was over at that point. I had so many people want to take a peek at them under their blankets but I said after the service please. I can’t wake them up. Lindsay loved holding Heston and showing him off. He is my dominant one. He’s not afraid of anything. Alex will go to a stranger then scream and cry until he gets handed back Lol Two different beings that look exactly the same. Having identical twins is completely different from I had expected. But it’s twice the fun also. So let’s go to our Christmas update!

The twins had a very nice and relaxing first Christmas. Auntie Lindsay and I got up early enough to set out the presents that Santa left in the closet so my dog wouldn’t get them Lol Santa is so thoughtful. I took Sam jr for a long walk while Lindsay finished getting things ready and then she went back to bed. I think I was more excited for the boys than I am. I went down to my Church food bank and volunteered to feed the homeless. The breakfast smelled great and I was able to help serve over 200 people. I gave extra to all the kids and got scolded twice. Oh well. God wanted them to have extra. I finished washing the dishes from my service station and then helped take out the trash. Then it was time to go home. I stopped and picked up some breakfast for Lindsay and I. She just wanted donuts. Of course I got the wrong kind. Apparently an assortment is not good enough. Had to be chocolate icing with whip cream filling. My bad. By the time I got back the boys were still in their cribs but awake. Lindsay had already changed them and got them into outfits. But they were both full from eating their breakfast and wanted to lay back down. I got home and showered. Then it was time to show them what Santa brought them.

I put Alex down and he immediately started crawling for the tree. I told her to watch him then I went and got Heston. He did the same thing. We sat down with them and I started handing out gifts. They were more excited to rip stuff up and touch the boxes then they were for the actual present Lol So funny. We got things opened and cut the plastic tie things off. Whoever invented the idea of plastic tying things inside of a baby toy box, thanks a lot. That took forever. And as impatient as my boys can get it was a crying fit until I freed the toy. We got clothes, toys, baby shoes, baby coats, baby everything. We also got a lot of stuffed animals. And Alex let out a new word. BobooobbooOOOOhhhhh Lol It was so funny. I don’t know what boboooh is but we all cracked up. We have already had our first Da da. Heston finally let that one out and I started crying. I said that’s right. I’m your da da! Alex is holding his in I guess. I know someday soon he will say it but for now it’s fine. And Heston has either forgotten he said it or is holding it until Alex says it next. Either way the Da da was here and now it’s gone. At least it’s on Video. That much was worth it.

We played for a few hours and both of my boys literally passed out on the wrapping paper. That allowed me time to clean up and start putting things in piles. Thank you to everyone that sent us gifts, well wishes, and cards. You will all be receiving thank you cards next week. My boys love everything you gave them. And for all the people who sent loud, beeping, horn-making toys I plan to donate the box full of them to a Women’s shelter Lol My boys do not need to drive me nuts hitting the same button 50 times per hour. They would too. So those toys are going bye bye.

Lindsay and I also got some amazing presents from Santa. We both must have been very nice this year. She did talk a little about missing her “mum” and how hard it will be every year without her. She did go spend time with her former stepdad and stepbrother’s families. They had invited her over for a meal and to ask for money. The yearly handout as she calls it. She said she had fun and came home a few hours later than she said. I’m glad she got to see everyone. I enjoyed the peaceful quiet time alone with my babies. They will never have a first Christmas again. They will never get much alone time with me over the next year.  My travel schedule is going to get worse since I am ending my career with SJC. But retirement from those businesses will lead me into full-time parenting. And will also give me plenty of time to adopt more kids. My life purpose is my boys right now. I want to be there for everything. When they are both in school that is the time I can launch my next business adventure. Right now I need to figure it all out. I have plenty of time and I’m not in any rush. I want to enjoy my 2017 and watch my boys go from babies to toddlers, God help us all.

I’m excited for how Christmas went. It was perfect. Everything was quiet just like I wanted. We are going back to the city tonight and preparing for the arrival of the nannies tonight. I can’t wait to see everyone and see how their holidays were.

I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas and you feel joy and happiness all week! God bless and have a great week!

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  1. Saw on Twitter you are married-congrats!! We’ve chatted a few times and as a happily married woman of 24+ years if you treat her like a queen you will always be her king. Much love luck and happiness!

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