Sarah loves Dubai and Spain

I took Sarah with me on my trip to Dubai. She has always wanted to go. My office there is doing great. The money is starting to come in steadily and we decided to expand to newer services. They have a lot of regulation for out of the country business owners and we have been trying to figure things out. We are finally working with a great sponsor that has helped enormously. I had a great time meeting with my employees. We celebrated with a meal and bonuses. And then at night I took Sarah around to show her the city. We were able to see so many amazing sights. I had more time than I had last year for this trip.

Sarah enjoyed going shopping during the day while I was working. She got a lot of great Christmas gifts and souvenirs for her family. She also bought some traditional outfits for my boys. We haven’t put them in it yet because I asked her to wash them a few times to make sure they were cleaned up. You never know what you bring in your clothes when you go overseas. We finished up the trip with a special dinner and for about the 1 millionth time I thanked her very much for being our nanny. I told her how special she is to our family and that I never want her to go away. She said she thinks it’s a lot of fun now that they are getting older and she said it’s going to get a lot harder again as soon as they start walking. Right now we are just holding their hands and arms and they are stumbling all over the place. At least they are trying to stand up on their own. No one has taken their first step yet. We are all waiting to see who does it first. My money is on Heston. He is the more adventurous of the pair. Alex is a little more cautious.

I told Sarah we were going to make a quick stop for 10 hours. She asked where and I told her in Spain. She squealed with excitement. That is her number one place she wanted to see. I wasn’t sure with her school schedule and my boys getting more mobile if she would ever make it to Spain in the next few years. I had always planned for us to stop in but didn’t tell her until the night before. She immediately got online to pick the 4 places she wanted to visit in Barcelona. We quickly took cabs to each place. She was able to take photos and do a few Facebook live videos for her family and friends. She was so happy. Then I told her we have to leave. She was disappointed but I told her someday she will come back and spend more time. I know she will.

We got in very early this morning. By the time we got to bed my dog was barking, my babies were snoring and I just wanted a hot shower. I was able to sleep for 3 hours before my boys woke up. I got up when they did and they both started laughing. My boys are so weird. It was good to hold them again. I need them everyday. I miss them so much when I’m not home. I have a busy travel schedule for day trips the next 2 weeks. The good news is I am taking my boys to Lincoln to see my family. They will spend a few days with them while I head out west. I have to go to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Denver. Then I will be in Chicago for our family Christmas. And I will end my year with a few more day trips for work. I will be in New York City of New Year’s eve. I’m really excited for that trip. I plan to go down to Times Square to celebrate the New Year with some of my closest friends.

I’m working on writing a few posts to wrap up and recap my 2016 year. I’m so happy you are here reading this. My blog has been a great resource for people to find out information directly from me. Only Lindsay will have info that I want to put out there. My story is still going strong after all of this time. The more that gets said on the opposing side the more I fight to get the truth out there. I have always been honest and transparent. I have done my best to answer questions and give my comments on everything I find interesting.

I wish you all a great Holiday season. And I look forward to yet another year with all of you on my blog. 2016 has been a great year!

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