The Las Vegas…Raiders?

raiders_vegas  Look at this stadium proposal. Wow. Impressive. Lindsay is strongly urging me to get in on this somehow. Either the stadium investment or the team investment. The good thing is the stadium is going to need public funding which would put us in a good position to try to get a small percentage. Even that tiny percentage we might end up with won’t be much. I don’t have NFL sized money that I can use for one giant investment. We do smaller ones, between 1 million at the smallest up to 25 million. And that’s the cap. What is talking about is dipping into our backup accounts and leverage it all into this football deal to try to get in as early as possible. So we are going to start having meetings in January about what we can do to get a piece of the pie.

MEETINGS. Not a sit down to write a check or sign anything. I need info. Yes that would be exciting to own 1% of a NFL team or 1% of the stadium that the NFL is in. But that’s still close to $12,000,000 on a gamble that I don’t want to take. We have time to figure things out and get real numbers. I can come up with the $12,000,000 and she wants to add in half from her weed investment money. I kind of feel like she’s Turtle after the Vodka investment in the Entourage movie. How much money is she really making off of her 10 weed investments? I mean after the law changed again and it was legal for recreational use she told me her stores were flooded and were running out of product faster than they could reload the jars. That’s good, right? I guess if you smoke weed that’s great. And I guess if you grow, sell, and invest in weed stores even better.

The number she keeps bringing up is $50,000,000 might actually get us a sit down with someone. I’m not putting in $50,000,000 into anything Lol She’s lost her mind. And I know she doesn’t have that kind of mine or even half of that to throw around. I know she still gambles but she couldn’t have won that much. There’s no way. So for now I am considering a $6,000,000 to $10,000,000 investment in that direction IF and only IF I know the exact terms. Otherwise I told her I would buy her the 1st season tickets. A 4 pack. So she will shut up about the Raiders.

I still don’t see the team being that lucrative for a number of years. And the state giving away $750 million to build a stadium proves nothing. That only means the taxes and fees are going up. Concession prices, tickets, sports gear, anything they can license will have a huge price tag attached. And if you want to use the facility for any other function it’s going to cost you. Concerts, other sports, whatever it may be. The city will get their money back. But will I? And how many decades until it comes back as a profit to me?

I’m shaking my head no even typing this blog post. I just don’t think it’s a good idea. Then again I also said investing in Mexico energy through her cousin’s business was stupid too. And that has turned out to be one of the stronger and more lucrative things we have ever gotten into. So I admit I was wrong about that one. And I will happily cash those bi-weekly checks and shut up.

I’m thinking about it. That’s the best I can offer her. I hope that will do for now. I just want a peaceful non-Raider Christmas.

Go Raiders…nnooooooo. Go Bears!

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