What a game!

How about them Cubs! In 2016 after 108 years of not winning the World Series baseball game my hometown Chicago Cubs finally won the big one. And I watched every out. I did get to attend some of the playoff games and really enjoyed it. I won’t do it again because it’s so much better to sit at home and watch the game on tv. I wanted to be apart of this season and really feel like being there made me a stronger fan. I can always tell my boys I was THERE when they played certain games. I kept my tickets and we are going to make a shadow box with some of my souvenirs. I want to always remember how hard it was to win each series. What a moment to watch with millions of people when Kris Bryant got the ball and with an unforgettable smile ended the drought by throwing the ball to first base for the final out. I will NEVER forget that. It was a huge party for the next several days and I will never forget the parade downtown. Honoring the men that brought us so much joy and watching the pivotal plays over and over on Sportscenter made it all seem unreal.

Since the end of the game I have bought World Series hats and t-shirts. I have went to the Cubs pop up store and their official sports fan stores looking at all the great products. My Christmas tree has Chicago cubs ornaments on it memorializing this year. I know I haven’t been a lifelong fan but it was something special to me. I watched the games on my couch and slowly won Sarah over as a fan. She didn’t care, didn’t know, and didn’t want to watch the games until she kept telling me to quiet down. She would stand there and ask questions and the next thing I know she would be sitting down next to me. We added 3 new cubs fans from my house this year and I couldn’t be happier. I know she wants to go to a few games next season and I will be happy to take her.

Thank you to all the players, workers, owners, and fans that made this year really special for me to watch and enjoy. I will never ever forget those games. No wonder baseball is such a huge part of family life in Chicago. You can’t ever take it away from them. The Cubs earned it.

Congratulations to all of the players for a great 2016 baseball season. And way to go CUBS!

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  1. Yes CUBS! Totally wanna see that tree decked out like that!

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