Our family vacation to Atlantis

Where did I leave off? We went to the Bahamas for a family vacation. I took all 3 nannies or rather they invited themselves. My wife planned everything out for myself and the boys. The nannies worked out a great schedule. All we had to do was get the babies on the plane and keep them happy for the almost 4 hour flight, two times. The first flight there was great. They both were a little fussy but we worked it all out and were able to keep the crying to a minimum. I think our fellow passengers appreciated that. Nothing worse than two babies crying at full volume for 4 hours.

We got to the airport and rounded up all 6 bags. We had to take 2 vans to the hotel and have help getting all the bags upstairs. The room was really nice. It was big enough to unload all of our portable cribs and baby stuff. It was supper time so we decided to order room service to make it easier. The boys were going to crash at some point and I didn’t want to have meltdowns in a restaurant. Thankfully they did have their meltdowns about half way through dinner so we got them fed, did baths and got everyone to bed. Then we had Heather stay with them in the room so my wife and I could go explore a little. The hotel we were in is very nice. I highly recommend it to everyone. We stayed at The Reef in Atlantis. We decided to walk down to the beach and have a romantic walk. She told me how happy she has been and how many more vacations she dreamed of us taking together. We decided to promise to take a vacation at least once a year.

We got back up to the room 2 hours later and completely ripped the bed apart. We had brought brand new sheet sets for everyone’s bed. The bedbug story right before we left freaked everyone out Lol We put on the new sheets over the mattress cover we brought and decided to chance it. The entire time no one had a bedbug bite at all. No one had any bedbugs at all. We asked the maid service to change everything everyday and wash our sheets. They were so great to help us out. I’m a little bit of a germaphobe so this helped calm me down a lot.

On Saturday we ate breakfast downstairs and enjoyed the 75 degree morning. We decided to take the boys to the beach. As we were getting ready to go downstairs my wife started squealing with happiness. My little baby boy Alex was standing there all by himself. He had lifted himself up using the coffee table and had taken a step. She saw him do it. He stood there not knowing what to do. He was wobbling all over the place it was hilarious. I grabbed my phone and got the video going. Then I told him to come here and bent down. He took one step, two steps, three then made it to me and fell down. Alex started walking! In the Bahamas! How cool is that. I already wrote it all down in his baby book. We told the nannies and he got all kinds of hugs and kisses for that. We got down to the beach and set up our massive beach plot Lol We had 4 umbrellas, 5 chairs, lots of towels. We took turns with the boys in the water. They were allowed to sit in the water but only allowed to go in the water with 2 people per baby. I held Heston and my wife held Alex. We had Sarah and Brandi with us the first round. Heather was talking pictures and videos. They both laughed when the water would hit their feet. We didn’t go in very far at all. I was worried.

We went back and forth into the room to cool them off. Each time the nannies rotated on sunbathing and swimming. Heather made a little friend named Jay. Jay seemed like a nice guy but I chased him off before he got invited to dinner. I told her he was trouble and flirting with other girls before he came over to her. She didn’t know that but we had seem him. He was just looking for anyone. She told him to buzz off and he immediately started up again. I told her see, he’s an ***hole Lol She said yes but he’s cute. Girls will be girls. We all enjoyed a nice time at the waterpark and did some of the slides. We took the boys to the baby pools and took turns going into the swimming pools with them. My wife took Heston down the lazy river and said it wasn’t so bad so we took Alex. He is the one that freaks out. We test most things out with Heston first and if he’s cool with it, we take Alex. I’m sure that will be discussed in therapy when my kids are older. How I used Heston as the tester of all things scary.

Saturday night my wife and I had a romantic dinner date. We got back to the room late because we had such a great time. On Sunday we went shopping and went around the resorts. It’s someplace we will come back to someday. The ladies all said they had a great time. They managed to get nice tans going. My wife said it was beautiful and she felt freshened up after a busy few months.

If you ever get the chance to visit Atlantis in the Bahamas, go. It’s a great vacation spot for the family. We had a great time. I feel relaxed and had a great week at work. I loved it. I put all of our photos and videos on my Facebook for my friends and readers that are on there. I’ve already seen some of your comments Lol Yes that’s my back tattoo. I got tanned too and it makes my tattoo show up better.

Have a great Sunday everyone! I love ya’ll!

Rowboat Book Club Book #49

We are going to do all of the books for this year off of last year’s best reads list I found. I have 25 books to choose from and I think you guys might enjoy doing the club this way this year. Happy reading! Let’s start 2017 with How to be a person in the world by Heather Havrilesky. She writes the Ask Polly column.

Should you quit your day job to follow your dreams? How do you rein in an overbearing mother? Will you ever stop dating wishy-washy, noncommittal guys? Should you put off having a baby for your career? 
            Heather Havrilesky of the wildly popular Ask Polly advice column is here to guide you through the “what if’s” and “I don’t knows” of modern life with the signature wisdom and tough love her readers have come to expect. How to Be a Person in the World is a hilarious, frank, and witty collection of never-before-published material along with a few fan favorites. Whether she’s responding to cheaters or loners, lovers or haters, the anxious or the down-and-out, Havrilesky writes with equal parts grace, humor, and compassion to remind you that even in your darkest moments you’re not alone.

Is it Friday yet?

Last night as Sarah had the video camera going my wife had one hand, I had the other and my son Heston William Cooper took his first steps! We let go at the same time and off he went. One step then bam. Right down. I picked him up and gave him kisses all over and told him what a big boy he was. He laughed and then my wife took him and I rewatched the moment on video. Then it was Sarah’s turn. She had him and let go then he took another step and another. He finally did it! Alex was a witness. Then it was his turn and he boycotted the entire process. That’s okay. I know he will take his first step soon and I’m kind of glad it wasn’t on the very same day. I like knowing they are growing at their own pace and they won’t do everything exactly the same. I already updated the baby book. I sent out the video to everyone via Facebook. It was a big moment in the Cooper household. Very exciting stuff. Then Sarah let off the bomb and said you do know now he will get going everywhere, fast. I don’t know that I’m prepared for that yet. I’m so used to just picking them both up and carrying them everywhere. It’s much easier than dragging them around in their baby seats if we are just running in some place.

I loved watching the video over and over again. My wife was so proud. I really can’t believe he’s not even a year old yet and he took his first step. It was a shaky little step but he did it. And it counts because everyone saw him do it. Heston has always been the one to do things first. Which is funny because he’s only a few minutes older than Alex. I have talked to several parents of identical twins and they all told me they don’t do it at the same exact moment. It’s usually later. I know Alex will be soon and we will have the camera ready. Sarah said she is going to work with Heston more today to see if he can get a few more little steps in. She said she will work more with Alex so he can get one in. I told her to set up the camera in case we miss it and she said okay. I have the nanny cam all over my condo but I would like a close up view of it. This is exactly why I’m retiring after this year. I don’t want to miss big moments. I want to attend their school stuff or sports and music stuff. I want to be there. I have more money than we need and I have several backup amounts in case the world implodes or something. I’m okay. I just want to concentrate on my boys. It’s a blessing and all I want.

I’m having a great day already. I tried getting Heston to walk again this morning before I went to work but he was too busy chewing on his oatmeal. That’s my boy. Food before anything else Lol He’s so much like me already. I’m really excited to be able to let Heston walk into the ocean this weekend. We will have him by his hands but I can’t wait for him to feel the sand and the water on his little toes. We will do the same for Alex. I bet he will laugh. He is very vocal. Heston is the calm one.

The women are all excited about this trip. You would think 2 and a half days in the Bahamas was equal to a month-long stay. They have tried on I don’t know how many outfits. They started a group chat last night just about the weather predictions for Saturday and Sunday. It’s going to be in the upper 70’s. And Sarah has been barking out orders on what we need to pack for the boys. I said we can get beach toys there all we need is the floatie arm things I bought at the swimming classes, their life jackets, and swim wear. Because it’s going to be so warm I bought them those wet shirts that divers wear. I had no idea that you can get those in baby sizes but they fit perfect and will prevent any sunburns. I know the boys won’t keep their beach hats on so there’s no reason to even take those. I also know they will have big beach umbrellas we can rent or use. My crew will need 4 or 5 of those Lol We’ve already talked about going down for an hour. Coming back in to cool off so the boys don’t get over heated. Then going down to the pool for half an hour. Cooling off again then more beach time. Sarah made a spreadsheet. Yes she really did. This is why I let her plan everything. Because she knows what’s best for them and I’m still learning all of this stuff. I’ve read over 50 baby books and they seem to forget some of the basic things I need to know. My wife doesn’t have a clue and helps me decide most everything but when it comes to packing baby stuff up she hasn’t gotten into that part yet. She will I’m sure.

Work is going great this week. Short weeks are always fun. I’m going out-of-town in a few hours for the day. I have to fly to a meeting. Should be an interesting lunch then come back and try to make it home in time for supper.

I hope everyone has a great week and I can’t wait to see how the rest of this week goes!

Excited and What?

My wife has been on cloud 9 since I bought us the Atlantis vacation package. We are taking the boys and Sarah. Now the other 2 nannies want to fly in to “help”. They are going to buy their own flights down for the night we are going and share Sarah’s room with her. I asked Sarah if she was cool with that and she said only if they work out a schedule with her on who watches the boys on what days Lol I swear it’s like I have 4 wives or something. It sort of feels like that. My wife doesn’t care. She wants a Saturday night date night and that’s all she said about it.

So we have now worked this all out. Sarah is happy to actually get some time off work to go check out things she wants to see. I think that’s the only reason she agreed to all of this. Plus the room I put her in is bigger than I thought. I got 2 rooms right next to each other. Our is a 2 bedroom suite. Sarah’s is also a 2 bedroom suite. When I started to ask who is sleeping on the couch I got a look like Duh and stopped talking. I forgot these girls all hang out so they would most likely share a bed or take turns on the couch. As long as they have it worked out before we go. I insisted on that. We want to avoid the cat fight we all dealt with the last time we went to Lincoln, Nebraska Lol That was not fun and everyone agrees on that.

Check this out:


Doesn’t that look awesome? I can’t wait to show my family a beautiful piece of Earth like this. I know my boy will be swimming all weekend. We are leaving Friday. Our flight will be interesting. I hope the boys sleep the whole trip.


A weekend in Atlantis

It doesn’t feel like a Tuesday. We had a great family weekend. All 4 of us went up to the lake house for the weekend. Sarah stayed in the city. She loves having time off. I think it’s helping her study better. We baked cookies, went swimming. We did a little shopping. The most fun was Church on Sunday morning. Everyone loves having my boys. I think my boys are loving all of the attention. I like that they pray over the babies and children so they will have a blessed week. My Church community is the best. Being Catholic has been hard but not because of other Church members. I mostly struggle with some of the outdated beliefs. There are just things I don’t agree or abide with.

My wife is also a lifelong Catholic so she knows how tough it can be. She is also an attorney and deals with the bad things all day in court. I’m proud of the work she does but it worries me because I know she is face to face with some very bad people. It makes me nervous. She has the same issues I have with the Catholic faith. It has led to hours and hours of discussion about beliefs and morals. We have also made some really good friends with other Church members who struggle as well. It’s refreshing to hear what they think and it makes me feel not so bad for going against the traditions.

My wife and I have decided to take the boys to Italy near the end of the year. We want to visit the Vatican and attend one of the ceremonies they will hold. I have done that a few times and would love to see the Pope again. I was with Drew and his family the last time we saw him. It was a huge day in my life. I felt so humbled and happy being near him. He really is a great man. I look up to him a lot. His way of teaching means a lot to me.

I have cut back on my travels. This year I want to do 1 day trip per week. That way I can be home a lot more. My day trips seem to take longer than I anticipate and I end up missing dinner with my boys. My wife also has had an issue with it and after much compromise for both of our work schedules I agreed to 1 day. So far it’s okay. This means I’m sending others out to the places that I normally visit myself. Which isn’t so bad in this year of transition.

We finally opened our office in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Lindsay has been working on this deal for over a year. With a lot of the casinos struggling there she is trying to buy in small percentages so we can build on them over the next 10 to 20 years. She presented everyone with a casino idea to build, run, and own our very own casino. She said if we put all of our assets into it now the costs won’t be that much as it may be in the next decade. She has a great idea but that is a tremendous amount of money. She said she plans to grow her pot investments up enough where she can set aside $4 million bi-annually just for this project. I asked her exactly how much has she made in her pot investments and she just laughs. It has to be a lot more than I think. No one else knows either. We all try to guess but she refuses to share. I think that’s great and it also explains the car lot she now has parked at her house. She keeps buying vehicles and houses. I think she now has 4 houses in Las Vegas and 2 in Los Angeles. She says she’s buying cheap, fixing them up and sitting on them until the market booms and she can sell them all off for a big profit. She’s also really into buying guns. That part worries me. She already had a few laying around the house. I talked to her about leaving guns and so much cash around but she told me to stop worrying so much.

This year I will be traveling to the following places for work:

Grand Island, Nebraska
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Las Vegas, Nevada
Reno, Nevada
Salt Lake City, Utah
Los Angeles, California
Miami, Florida
Paris, France
Dubai, United Emirates
Detroit, Michigan
New York City, New York
Atlantic City, New Jersey

These are were all of my offices are at. We have no plans to expand anywhere else this year. We all agree to focus on each office and build them up. Other than Las Vegas and Chicago most of my offices are 6 to 8 employees each. We want to expand that so we can build the businesses up. I’m also trying to help our reputation for being corporate real estate raiders. We aren’t in the business to buy buildings to piece meal them out. That’s not at all what we do. But we are well known for getting the buildings we want for the price we want. That hasn’t gone unnoticed and it’s causing a little bit of an issue. The good news is we have a solid community service record in each city and we work very well with the businesses we buy and take over. My only interest is to keep business going and growing. I’m not interested in taking it apart and selling off the pieces. We only do that if the owner wants to shut things down or is in so much debt it’s not a reality to keep things open.

I love what I do but it’s a lot to remember. I’m trying to balance raising my boys and being married. I have failed in some areas but I’m working to fix it. I do communicate very well. I have gotten better at being home earlier. That was something that was a big issue early on. And I heard about it Lol My wife is not shy. Especially when I screw up. She lets me know that it’s not cool and not okay and to shape up. So funny. I listen and then she’s happy.

Let me see what else do I want to talk about? Oh my book sales are going well. I have increased the prices now that I’m printing it using Amazon for the paperbacks. I also updated the Kindle versions and can’t wait to see the profits climb. I’ve had a very steady year of book sales. Which has been great. I do donate all of my profits to 2 organizations that help people in or escaping polygamy. They appreciate the support and have updated me monthly with how they spend my donations. It makes me feel like I’m making a big difference. I like helping.

I’m glad that most of the negative things has stopped. It can be tough to ignore people that are nameless, faceless assholes. But after a few months of trying to defend and argue I found that ignoring them completely made them eventually go away. I only have 3 full time stalkers now. All 3 use Twitter like they get paid to harass me daily. I think they are pathetic and obviously have no real life. Why they choose to spend so much time talking about me and my life is beyond me. But I also know it shows how much they do not feel loved in their own lives. It also shows they have no real friends. They spend the day sending out nasty tweets about me without knowing one real thing about my life. I’m glad I have gotten most of the trolls suspended and removed. Lindsay has always been very vigilant to take care of me. She does it because she has always been a loyal friend. I appreciate everything she has done and pray that one day everyone just leaves me alone so I can raise my boys, enjoy time with my wife, and live the great, happy life I have going.

Things have been amazing. 2017 is going to be a great year! I hope you all enjoy this short week. We are going out of town Friday night. We are taking the boys and Sarah. She wants to go with us. I can’t wait to tell you guys about our trip. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Saturday fun

We got up to the lake house yesterday. I made a very healthy and tasty dinner for everyone. Sarah stayed in the city again this time. She had some studying to catch up on. She says she’s loving the new privacy and loving having weekends free. My other 2 nannies are not because we have cut their hours significantly. I told them they are still on salary so it doesn’t matter their hours are cut. They still get their monthly paychecks from me. That made everything better. They are both almost done with school. Which works out best because as of next year I will be full-time dad.

My wife slept in. I got up and worked out. I got the boys up and they helped me make breakfast. I always have a house service clean and mop all of my floors the day before we get up there. My boys now spend all of their time cruising all over the floors. They are also now trying to stand on their own. They use furniture or the tables but they are doing it. We work with them every night to try to help them learn. This is a lot easier with a 2nd person let me tell you. I had already been trying to figure out how can I teach 2 babies how to walk all by myself. My wife came into our lives right at the perfect time. It helps she is a great stepmom. I love that the most about her. We ate breakfast, played with the boys and now we are just laying around while the boys take a half hour nap. We are going to get showered up then take the boys swimming. We have a family pass to a local place here and they really do enjoy it. It also helps my back. I’ve been having lower back pain for the past month. It’s a nagging pain and I don’t like it. I’ve tried working on stretching with yoga 2 times a week.

After swimming we are going to eat at a cafe my wife found. They have a very cool looking salad on their menu. I always take my some food in case they don’t have anything we all 3 can eat. I’m really excited to see what else they have there. I’m such a foodie.

After that we thought about going to see a movie but I still think they are much too young. I don’t think they would enjoy it. But she said if they start making a fuss we can just leave. She said if we don’t try to take them to these places they will never learn. That’s true. I’m still very very overly protective and I need to loosen up I guess. They are fine. We haven’t had any sickness in months. So I guess it would be okay. I’m not really much into going to movies in the theater. I’m a germaphobe Lol I don’t really like touching anything in the theater. Those kids they hire do not clean the seats. And I watched a 20/20 show once on a black light in the theater. I wanted to hurl. Not cool.

I hope everyone has survived the storm. It looks bad on CNN weather update. We are safe and staying warm. My dog loves it up here. He takes off as soon as I let him out of the back door. He runs all the way down to the beach. My wife keeps commenting on what the beach will look like this summer. We had a beach play set set up out there so I can drag it into the water this summer for the boys. It floats. She’s very excited to try it out since it was one of the gifts she got them for their birthday. It was on sale right after Christmas so she bought it early and had it built and set up out there. I know they will love the slide. They have always loved the slide in the park by the house. It’s awesome.

Have a great weekend. Stay warm and I will write more later! Love ya’ll!