Checkups and Walls Up

  Sarah and I took the twins to their doctor yesterday. It was just a checkup. My little guys are healthy, thriving well, and really hard for other people to tell apart. I can look at them and tell. Even their doctor not so much. Everything is fine. Alex is doing very well. He was the one that started out with a bad beginning if you all remember.

After that we took the boys to a restaurant and enjoyed a nice lunch. It wasn’t a quiet lunch but that’s okay. Everyone around us were so nice. And my boys got to be the center of attention. That’s usually how it goes now. It’s been so nice having Sarah back. Her and I are in a rhythm that my wife and I haven’t gotten into yet. When my wife moved in we tried to work out our privacy issues and the only thing I could figure out was put up a wall between the condos.  My condo is all one floor. Sarah now has her own condo a little smaller than mine. We put the wall up to give me the bigger living room. She has the baby monitor on her side also and can hear them when they get up in the middle of the night. Her and I take turns. One night I get up with them, the next she does. It’s working. And she said she really loves having her own place. She insists on paying rent. It’s not much but it makes her feel good. I put it into my safe and keep it for whenever she has decided to retire from being our nanny. I don’t want her money. I don’t need it and whenever she does leave us it’s because she is going to start her college teaching career. I want to send her off with a huge nest egg. I have told her even if she wanted to work at a college at night I would be home with them and she could never leave us Lol She said it depends on her work situation.

My little family is enjoying our home. It’s worked out great and makes my wife happier. I leave in the morning after she does, Sarah comes over and I come home before my wife gets home. I’m able to make supper, send food home with Sarah and wait with my boys for her. We get a lot of alone time now. I love that the most. I get to play with them, hold them, teach them things. We are working on them bowing their heads in prayer before our meals. It’s a slow process but they are like sponges right now. I’m watching my tone, watching my words, and trying to be simple for them to understand the basics. I get to do all of this fun dad stuff without anyone trying to tell me how to do it. When my wife gets home we all eat unless she tells me to start without her. And then she gets to be stepmom. She loves the baths and the bedtime part. After we get them to bed then we both crash on the couch and talk about our day.

I honestly never dreamed my life could be this great. Being married is amazing. I love it. I should have done this years ago but I’ve been waiting for this woman to come along. She was worth the wait.

Who is excited for a new President? Not me. To me Donald Trump is nothing but a Fine Print guy. He boasts all the flashy things that shock you into paying attention. He promises all of these things that sound plausible but when you really see how he plans to implement it, you realize you should have read the fine print. He is a disappointment. The next 4 years can’t go fast enough.

How is everyone doing? I’m finally getting to the comments. I had over 1600. I deleted most of them. I’ve replied to a few.

I’m so happy people are realizing the truth. My story is all right here. My proof is still where it’s always been. Thank you all for coming. I appreciate you all. I love ya’ll and God loves you too!

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