Excited and What?

My wife has been on cloud 9 since I bought us the Atlantis vacation package. We are taking the boys and Sarah. Now the other 2 nannies want to fly in to “help”. They are going to buy their own flights down for the night we are going and share Sarah’s room with her. I asked Sarah if she was cool with that and she said only if they work out a schedule with her on who watches the boys on what days Lol I swear it’s like I have 4 wives or something. It sort of feels like that. My wife doesn’t care. She wants a Saturday night date night and that’s all she said about it.

So we have now worked this all out. Sarah is happy to actually get some time off work to go check out things she wants to see. I think that’s the only reason she agreed to all of this. Plus the room I put her in is bigger than I thought. I got 2 rooms right next to each other. Our is a 2 bedroom suite. Sarah’s is also a 2 bedroom suite. When I started to ask who is sleeping on the couch I got a look like Duh and stopped talking. I forgot these girls all hang out so they would most likely share a bed or take turns on the couch. As long as they have it worked out before we go. I insisted on that. We want to avoid the cat fight we all dealt with the last time we went to Lincoln, Nebraska Lol That was not fun and everyone agrees on that.

Check this out:


Doesn’t that look awesome? I can’t wait to show my family a beautiful piece of Earth like this. I know my boy will be swimming all weekend. We are leaving Friday. Our flight will be interesting. I hope the boys sleep the whole trip.


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