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Without knowing it I upgraded my WordPress plugin called Jetpack. It’s a huge plugin that allows my wordpress websites to do all kinds of neat things. Inside of the plugins is a section called Photon. This is a new section where all of my images are being helped to load faster. For whatever reason all of the images I have uploaded were not showing up. Someone emailed me yesterday to let me know. I knew the Featured Images section was not working like I wanted and I finally got ahold of Lindz last night to fix it. She logged in and hit the Off button on Photon fixing it. Finally! She said if I would have google searched WordPress images not working I wouldn’t have woke her up this morning and got cussed out Lol Sorry!

Thank you to the person that let me know. I don’t go look at my pages so I didn’t know it was on the pages also. If you would like to go see the photos, twitter, and whatever else on my pages these now work. Thank you all for your patience as we fixed it. The website was down for about 2 minutes this morning while Lindz did a backup just in case something crashed. In case anyone else with WordPress also upgraded their Jetpack and is having the same issue I did google it and found this to explain it better than I can:


When you enabled the Photon module of Jetpack, it copied your images there and is serving them from there to reduce the load on your server.

If you don’t want to use Photon, disable it in Jetpack’s settings.

Hope that helps you.

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