Paperback book is Pending

  Look at that! My 2nd round of paperbacks are going out soon. They said in 12 hours so by morning you can buy my book in Paperback again. Thanks again for all that have supported me. This is the first time I’ve offered it for sale on Amazon. They charge so much to print the paperback. I am charging $20 to cover the printing cost per book. They print it on demand. I’m told you order it and they print it the next day. Then you receive the book within 3 days or so. That’s pretty fast. I’m going to order 10 copies tomorrow to make sure it all works. I also want to check the quality of the book. My publisher did a great job with the printing of the 1st editions of paperback. But we used CreateSpace to make it easier to set up the sale of the paperbacks on 11 other websites.

This is exciting news for me. I’m very proud of this book and my story. It’s been an adventure and I will always defend the truth and all of my proof.

Please enjoy my book in paperback! It’s an interesting read!

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