The President in Chicago

  Last night my wife and I attended President Obama’s farewell speech. I wasn’t thrilled to go but I was excited to see what he had to say. My wife is a lifelong Democrat and has campaigned for Obama for years. She was excited and even put on a very pretty dress to show honor to the event. I was told what to wear Lol We went out for a quiet dinner, something we rarely get to do alone, and toasted to our marriage. She tells me all of the time how happy she is and she never knew things could be so great in her life. I feel the same way. We love each other and I was happy to show off my beautiful girl at the event.

I was not really impressed with what he said. President Obama to me is mostly talk with very little real action. I do understand the Republican party has made it tough to get anything done, but if you have universal policies that make America better everyone can get on board with that. I found Obama to be humble and gracious. And some what catty I would call it. He was proud of his accomplishments and disappointed in all of his failures. I do find his respect for the American people his greatest quality.

My wife loved every moment and cried when he wrapped it up. She left happy, full of hope, and worried what a Trump Presidency will bring. I felt it was good but I felt let down a little. I expected more from him.

Did you guys watch the speech? What did you think?

If you missed it here it is:

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