The *@(#ing Ski Trip

This is what it felt like skiing with my wife Lol  My beautiful wonderful wife is the worst skier in the whole world. I’m trying to be nice by saying that. She’s bad. Really bad. So bad all of us spent the majority of our own ski time helping her stay up or at the most stay out-of-the-way so we all weren’t pummeled by the other skiers. She was so bad eventually one of the ski instructors/staff asked her to GET OFF OF THE MOUNTAIN Lol Okay I exaggerated that a little because all he said to her was she needs to stay on the bunny hills until she’s “warmed up for the big girl run”. Now that made me laugh so hard and she smacked my arm and told him off in her native language Lol Thank goodness I don’t speak it good enough yet to understand what the heck she said to him. Whatever it was it made him turn around and leave us alone for the rest of the day.

We went shopping and got all the things we needed. I had to dig out all of my ski clothes and I didn’t need anything. The girls decided it was a mountain fashion show and apparently there was some invisible prize for shushing down the mountain looking “cute but not like smurfette cute” (Huh?) That’s an actual quote I over heard and I won’t even bother tagging it on the woman who said it.

Sarah is actually good on skis. Heather and Brandi are okay. I shredded that mountain like a block of cheese and had a great time doing it. My snowboards and my body were all in perfect tune and I can say with great pride I looked really cool. Except for all of the runs I had to hold my wife by her elbows as we slowly descended the run as her feet crossed, twisted, spread eagle or my new favorite stood on top of one another. Yes, ladies and gentlemen my wife managed to do the Karate Kid Crane on her 3rd run of the day, somehow. By the time we got all the way down she was backwards. She had spun herself around at one point and I told her just hold my hands we’re almost there. We have all of this on Facebook video on my Facebook, I’m actually not embellishing that one. AT ALL.

We each had time with the boys. They ate the snow, all of it there’s no more snow on Mammouth Mountain. They also did baby snow angels because Sarah and I wiggled their arms for them then we took pictures. We also had our first family snowball fight and I think it began and ended with Alex flinging snow up in the air and hitting himself on the head with it. That was it. We all laughed, he started crying and I had to go rescue him from himself. I still don’t know how he managed to do that. His arm is the length of a a girls’ shoe so I don’t even know how he can hurl anything yet.

Heston is a snow King, who knew! He sat on a big snowpile just observing his snow kingdom. Brandi had a hold of him the entire time, don’t worry. My wife said “Look he thinks he rules the mountain” Lol We all died laughing. He had this look on his face like he was unhappy but also in total control of everything he saw. He squealed and I ran over and got on one knee before him. This made him lean forward to try to get me and Brandi let him go so he slide down from his perch and into my arms. I immediately nibbled on his neck making him laugh and asked if he was the Snow King?

Other than the food fight over why they don’t offer salsa with omelets the weekend was great. Everyone got in at least 10 runs per day. Our schedule worked out great and I was able to get 8 of my runs in the morning. The lifts didn’t start until 8 or 8:30 so I went down, came right back up, rinse and repeat for  a few hours. By the time the girls got up and showered/dressed I was back and ready to get them food and beverages. It worked out really great.

I want to give a quick shout out to Mammouth Mountain hotels. They are amazing. The staff is really great and we did manage to try out different hotels to eat. The food, WOW. Being vegan it can be challenging to find food to eat anytime I travel but they had a great menu. Our rooms were awesome. They had 2 cribs we could use. We brought our pack and play cribs just in case. The staff helped us out so much. I tipped very well because I was pleased with the first class service we all had.

My nannies talked about the ski trip the whole way home. My wife doesn’t like to sit up front while I’m flying and Heather does. So we sat up there and chatted about how fun it was and what other places we could go skiing sometime. She really is a wonderful young woman and I am so proud of her educational achievements. We began talking about her future because as of May she may leave us. I do understand it and she said as long as she doesn’t have a rough new work schedule she would still like to help us out from time to time. I said you are welcome to still come by on the weekends and stay in your room if you want to. She said she might just to hang out. I told her she’s family now and she squeezed my arm. I mean it too. All 3 of my nannies are like little kid sisters to me. And they all fight like they are. Sarah said as much as they can annoy her she knows a million percent they both take very, very good care of my boys and she would trust them at any time. Sarah is wanting to take a few trips home before May so that she can spend time with her family just in case Heather does get a nursing job asap. She said most of the nursing colleges theses days help place the graduating students so she’s sure she will get scooped up fast. Good. That’s what she want. We fully support her, even beyond me paying for all of their college expenses. Except for Sarah she makes payments to me for her education costs that I cover up front. I secretly stuff that money into a savings account and will give her a big fat check on the day she leaves us. She has no idea, yet. And I find it funny each month she presents me with her check. I tell her I don’t need or want that. She said you say that every month, just take it and thank you. Okay okay.

My wife is hollering at me.

Okay she’s up. She wanted to know where I was at. Her legs are sore and wanted a leg massage before she took a hot bath. She said she can’t believe how stiff she is. I said yes honey doing the splits all the way down a mountain will make you sore Lol I got another smack for that one. This time on the ass. Oh la la!

Time to get myself ready for work. I hope everyone had a great time this weekend. We did. Have a great work week and I’m sure I will update again soon. Now that I’m writing these blog posts first thing in the morning then editing them after I get to work I can seem to get them out more often. It helps I can Save Draft and publish them later.

God loves you and I love you too!

Ski Weekend

Never again are we going with the boys on a ski weekend Lol Everyone stopped us to look and ooohhh at the boys all dressed up. We had such an amazing time. I will update tomorrow. We have to unpack all of our ski clothes from our ski bags. These women bought out the Ski shops! My goodness. I may need to hire someone to help me with all the bags!

Did ya’ll have a great weekend?

Why don’t we go skiing this weekend, hon? Um, okay?

Earlier last week my wife asked what my plans were for a ski vacation? I said none. She said why not? You brag about your snowboarding days. Yes I do and that’s when my knees and back were much younger. It left a thought. This week my very beautiful and persuasive wife asked again what do we want to do this weekend? I said watch tv, grow a beard, eat Lol She says how about we go skiing? Um okay? Okay? Okay. Okay! Fine. Let’s go. Then we began the talk about what about the boys. 1 year olds aren’t much for skiing since they are just learning how to walk. She made the valid point there are plenty of fun baby snow activities we can partake in. Sledding, holding them as we ski a little small hill so they can feel the rush of the wind. I said no to that. I would have a coronary seeing either of my babies going down a bunny hill in someone’s arms. That’s not happening. Not even with one of their seasoned ski instructors would that ever happen. No way! She said well they would just eat the snow anyway. I’m pretty sure that’s 100% accurate. We talked about not taking them but that’s too far away for me to be from them. California to Chicago. So we agreed they are coming with us. Then the nanny debate. Who? How many? Can we do it alone? With all of the ski equipment and all of the cold weather and everything else we need a nanny. Or 3. I called a family meeting and proposed the idea to the girls. As long as we left after 5pm on Friday all could go and really, really (Insert shrieking and giggling) wanted to go skiing. Sarah set out making up the schedule so that one nanny was always with the boys 24/7 as per usual when we take trips. We also agreed that I would spend more time with the boys and let all the ladies enjoy some ski bunny time together Lol That phrase got all 4 women rolling their eyes at me in one swoop.

Then the shopping debate. Here we go (AGAIN!) with the shopping. My wife has “absolutely nothing to wear skiing”, of course not honey. I told her we will go shopping tonight if places are still open by the time we get there or go grab stuff in the morning. I told the ladies the family is leaving at 6pm sharp and we will all have a very fun, snowy weekend.

I’m excited. I’m going to leave work at 4 to help everyone pack. I hope my wife actually gets home by 5:30 otherwise we will have to run by her office and pick her up. I threatened to carry her over my shoulder while she holds her briefcase if her little ass wasn’t home or heading to our waiting vehicles by then. She laughed and said you wouldn’t dare. Oh yes I really would. She seems to forget Florida Lol

Today will fly because I’m ready to go now. I have to finish up some work and then start making my list of things to pack for the boys. Sarah does most of it I am in charge of the 2nd bag check to make sure she thought it all out. My boys have plenty of warm clothes. The weather hasn’t been 60 everyday it dips way below that even though this winter was much milder than the past few years.

We are going to Mammouth Mountain! We are staying at a fine hotel there and I am excited to get my boards back on the mountain. I will take a few runs then go back to the hotel to hang out with my little men. I wake up so early anyway I can do the early morning ski runs a few times and get back in time to order breakfast for everyone.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I love ya’ll and God loves you too!

Politics and cereal

My wife woke up in a rage this morning over I had no idea what. She was reading her overnight emails and someone sent her a glowing review of Trump’s first month in the WH. She threw her phone on the bed and screamed Lol I thought wow I haven’t seen her this worked up since I ate the last brownie. It was vegan and I didn’t think she even liked them. That was the “You need to  share” conversation that we laugh about now.

Then she went into a 20 minute rant with some very valid points about a lot of things the Troll Trump Admin is doing. I keep up on it a little but not to that extent. I honestly don’t really care. Trumpy is going to do what he wants no matter how many protests or countries he pisses off. That’s who he is. This is the world I live in now. Accept it and work with resistance.

She said she’s going to write a letter today and I said Okay. She said and I want you to sign it. I said no. I’m not signing a letter anyone but me writes. She said it will be more like a petition or a call to action. Then I said yes I will do that. I’m all for supporting whatever it is she wants to battle. I gave her my pen from my suit pocket and kissed her forehead. Then I left for work. Now I’m sitting here reading this 3 pages of litigation she has typed out. Wow, she is pissed Lol Thankfully NOT at me. So far I’ve avoided any and all fights with her. Which I know I’m going to lose and probably end up apologizing for 3 to 4 times a day for a week Lol She’s a very good arguer? Argurer? She’s good at her job. Which means I have to behave and always be respectful. That’s easy to do.

I’m happy for all the people who want to voice their opinions of agreement and opposition. That is how we learn from each other. It also sets up your belief system which is the core of how you live your life. I am an Independent, always have been and I’m an American exceptionalist. That’s why I’m an Independent. I believe in all of the things American Exceptionalism stands for. Anyone that doesn’t agree with my political position, that’s just fine. But I rule around my decisions based on my beliefs and I’m very happy to keep quiet about it. The only time I speak up is when I see some asinine comment somewhere and feel the need to throw a thought out there.

This political culture has changed folks. We are 1 month in and I’m already burned out. When is the impeachment?

Lindsay cleaned house

Yesterday Lindz finally got around (2 years later) to cleaning up all of the users from my blogs. Yes, both of them 😉

The subscribers have been removed and no longer allowed. That’s how the trolls were so responsive. A bunch of them had used alt email accounts to sign up as a subscriber and would receive an email every time I posted a new blog post. That’s been removed. She also axed about 50,000 + accounts in Myphpadmin by deleted a table (Huh?) or something and got rid of all accounts except for hers and mine. Most of them were spam accounts from Russia. Great, first they attack the DNC now my blog Lol I heard it’s very common with wordpress to get spammed with .ru accounts. I have no idea why. Either way, those are gone now too.

Then she set out to ban and clean up the commenters that have been “bragging” aka stalking me and using my own blog posts and comments to try to prove some crazy theories that they themselves make up. Nice knowing you ladies. Not really.

My proof is right here, where it has always been. And I’m not going anywhere. And Twitter did knock out 2 of the 30 accounts that have been  harassing me yesterday. Thank you again @Twitter @jack and @biz as well as the team that Jack and Biz set up to help me out. I appreciate it so much. We have been working on getting all of their identities. Twitter told us to file 1 police report and then they will be able to give me ALL of their information. So we did that through my lawyer and I’m awaiting the email in the next few days to find out exactly who these folks are. Then I’m giving that info to Lindz and her and her Reddit crew will get to work, doing whatever it is they do to stop and squash the trolls. It’s worked so far since we were at 170 trolls.

I stay out of all of that stuff. I don’t understand any of it and it’s a huge waste of my time. That’s why I have her around. To help bat away (Hahaha) all the haters.

I’m very happy to know my blogs are cleaned up. I appreciate all of the hard work and I will be happy to know that these horrible women can go away forever. They waste so much of their time thinking and talking about me. I’m flattered, not really, and I pray they find a new hobby. Being an internet troll is a very lonely thing to be. Really sad.


170 Trolls, One Dead? Huh?

Twitter just emailed me this list they have been working on with Lindsay for the past several months. As you can see a lot of accounts are no longer active or working. Most of them have been deleted by Twitter or by the user. And for some reason one of the trolls harassing me died. I don’t know if that is true or not but that’s what they said. Interesting.

Here is the updated list we are working from. Lindz said it looks accurate. She said the active accounts now are down to 30 horrible women who obviously have too much time on their hands. Twitter is working on suspending all 30 of those accounts. We are happy to give them as much info as we can. I don’t even know any of this stuff is going on. I looked at this list and I have no idea about any of these people. I don’t see anything because I block and ignore. That’s how I’ve gone from 140 active troll accounts harassing me down to 30. You block them, ignore them, they move on to target someone else. It’s easier than trying to engage a moron with no common sense.

Knowing that it’s only 30 is good news. They said they mostly all transferred all of their hate either to defend or to troll Donald Trump. Good. He needs the attention more than I do.

As for me, things are great. I’m happy. I’m having a great time with my life and things have been very quiet. Just the way I like it. I’m glad all of this has finally calmed down. I knew it wouldn’t last forever and I’m happy that it hasn’t. Life goes on, unless you are a troll Lol Get a life, ladies. Jesus.

I’m in Indianapolis waiting for my car to come get me. Then I’m flying home. I’m trying to make it home in time for supper but I may be a little late tonight.

Thank you Twitter, @jack and @biz for all of your help. We really appreciate. It helps that Lindsay has friends in high places Lol

Troll List
170 Troll Accounts
Inactive Accounts
1.    @emmalatifah -inactive
2.    @chowalater – inactive
3.    @carlisle555 – inactive
4.    @lawgirl156 – inactive
5.    @juliearmendare1 – inactive
6.    @catherline_lenci – inactive
7.    @ipreferanimals – inactive
8.    @sammyheld80 – inactive
9.    @jaxonwalkerssis – inactive
10.    @digitaljedi_SCK – inactive
11.    @nickoconner2 – Inactive
12.    @jillisadill – inactive
13.    gorecamp – inactive
14.    @nocatfishing1 – inactive
15.    @gingermcqueen – inactive
16.    @elisafurr – inactive
17.    @curiouser121 – inactive
18.    @lularoemaile – inactive
19.    @lornadu1 – inactive
20.    @cozycoasters – inactive
21.    @clmmomof6 – inactive
22.    @waldenrae13 – inactive
23.    @reelingemin – inactive
24.    @bamagirlreads – inactive
25.    @vegasmorgue – inactive
26.    @leesaBB1212 – inactive
27.    @benismybitch – inactive
28.    @sherirealestate – inactive
29.    @curiouser121 – inactive
30.    @tonyaheald33 – inactive
31.    @dear_scam – inactive
32.    @ghost_active – inactive
33.     @ginelea – inactive
34.    @surfklutz – active
35.    @samisjackieo – inactive
36.    @cheflaurafraser – inactive
37.    @coc0buddy2 – inactive
38.    @fightscammers – inactive
39.    @realhousewifeNR – inactive
40.    @weight65losing – inactive
41.     @cathyjoiner – inactive
42.    @tamisue32 – inactive
43.    @jenncliff210 – inactive
44.     @notamanyet – inactive
45.    @seekwisdomtoday – inactive
46.    @zeecarl – inactive
47.    @cassieirish – inactive
48.    @armyhoodie – inactive
49.    @jennygurl12 – inactive
50.    @goodnight4now – inactive
51.    @notbatmanIRobin – inactive
52.    @disco_lemonyade – inactive
53.    @lookmamawematch – inactive
54.    @sgs080208 – inactive
55.    @taylorgal12 – inactive
56.    @timeaftertime04 – inactive
57.    @ertransue – inactive

Accounts Deleted
1.    @marymary32216 – deleted
2.    @sassy_blue_ – deleted
3.    @saltyfriedfish – deleted
4.    @betty_began – deleted
5.    @hurrocane_Matt1 – deleted
6.    @alwysfaithful84 – deleted
7.    @mommapitbull6 – deleted
8.    @bionicbrooke – deleted
9.    @factmonkeyproduction – deleted
10.    @jodiecaddy – Deleted
11.    @nanny4sammy – deleted
12.    @kz8t4hh_sync – deleted
13.    @djdiddleznet – deleted
14.    @hurhurfarts – deleted
15.    @niceflipflopss – deleted
16.    @lotta5309 – deleted
17.    @tffj70 – deleted
18.    @oui411 – deleted
19.    @wilma_legroback – deleted
20.    @karrielynn88 – deleted
21.    @tsanto77 – deleted
22.    @allyourfault75 – deleted
23.    @mylilschatzy – deleted
24.    @texascute1 – deleted
25.    @texascutie1 – deleted
26.    @texascutie2 – deleted
27.    @texascutie3 – deleted
28.    @billybobbeeker – deleted
29.    @christylb03 – deleted
30.    @jinxy069 – deleted
31.    @catfishnetter5 – deleted
32.    @catfishnetter6 – deleted
33.    @phil_in_da_hous – deleted
34.    @allaboutdemlulz – deleted

Accounts Taken Over
1.    @vic_urben – account pwn’ed

Dead Troll
1.    @kathlosangeles – dead

Accounts Suspended
1.    @logicallolly – suspended
2.    @notbatwomanyet – suspended
3.    @beautymarks987 – suspended
4.    @jackieiswhackie – suspended
5.     @pedsnurse12 – suspended
6.     @truthseekerllc – Suspended
7.     @trackingjackie – suspended
8.     @itscher711 – Suspended
9.    @cher711 – Suspended
10.    @wandaonover – Suspended
11.    @notbatmanyet1 – Suspended
12.    @notrevoeikcaj – Suspended
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22.    @delljackcooper4 – Suspended
23.    @ulurveme – Suspended
24.    @bsbookclub – Suspended
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26.    @n3ttr – Suspended
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28.    @netterrrrr – Suspended
29.    @netterrrrrr – Suspended
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34.    @netterrrrrrrrr – Suspended
35.    @catfishnetter1 – Suspended
36.    @catfishnetter2 – Suspended
37.    @catfishnetter3 – Suspended
38.     @catfishnetter4 – Suspended
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46.    @AllAboutthe_ – suspended

Active Now
1.    @lollyislogical
2.    @surfklutz
3.    @DLA0318
4.    @SundAzeD0
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11.    @catfishwarnings
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26.    @hls_themovie
27.    @dreamzzz35
28.    @pinkladyalley35
29.    @Hey_Tayy
30.    @phalange_reg22
31.    @RitaEvelynYanez

Picnics are fun until someone gets frosted

The best part of yesterday was eating our sandwiches out in the fresh air and enjoying feeding the boys. They loved being in Grant Park. It was a lot of fun. I got to play with my dog, he ran around crazy. He met some very nice people who pet him and gave him attention. He also got to meet some other dogs. My wife loved it and was basking in her great idea. And Sarah got to read her books while we played with the boys. It was a great day. A little on the cool side but just about perfect. Then it was time for the dessert. We had leftover cupcakes. As we were getting a cupcake cup up for the boys my dog came over and sat down. He has a notorious sweet tooth. I was just about to Heston’s open mouth with a piece of the cupcake when my dog jumped in the middle, ate the cupcake then licked his brother Heston’s cheek and left a huge cupcake icing smear all over the side of his face. I laughed so hard I almost couldn’t get it wiped off. Heston was pissed and Alex died laughing. He thought that was funny. I wish we had it on video it really was funny. And gross. We practically washed all of Heston’s head all over to get it off. It took about 5 baby wipes. My dog thought it was funny and started barking because he wanted more. So I had to take him for a mini walk while my wife fed the boys. When all the cupcake was devoured and both babies were happy again we came back to our blanket and he sniffed everywhere for it.

This weekend I have a business trip and my wife is debating on if we should take the boys or not. It’s close by and I won’t be in meetings all day. She is interested in sitting in on one to see what it’s like. She has stayed away from my work as I have stayed away from hers. We give each other the daily update but nothing too in-depth. I know that she couldn’t tell me most of what she’s working on. And I really don’t want to know. Her work is very trying on her and she is stressed most days. I know she loves it but I don’t want her to burn out. She’s not even 30 yet. She has a long way to go and as I get closer to retirement I try to remind her to stop and smell the roses.

Today is another busy workday. I just got through all of my emails and now I need to get this published so I can head to our conference room for a morning meeting.

Have a great workday everyone! I love you and God loves you too!