Book prices have changed

After much debate and being hung up twice by my publisher, Next Press Publishing based in NYC, I have changed my book prices to what I feel comfortable with. They had upped the prices of my books to $9.99 and $20. That was bs. My book is not worth that much Lol

I have updated both of my books with more pages and more info. The new prices are $7 for ebook/kindle version and $14 for paperback. The paperbacks are now being printed through Amazon’s beta KDP print shop. I am blessed to among one of the beta customers using the program. I am assured after the beta trial period is over the printing prices will go down. This means I can adjust my paperback book prices in a few months to make it cheaper.

Again ALL OF MY BOOK PROFITS go to 2 charities. The first charity is for families in polygamy that run out of money, need medical care bills paid, need food, or basic needs met by cash donations. The second charity is to help people who want to escape polygamy and literally leave with nothing to their name. Often they are saddled with bills they must suddenly pay back to the polygamists families or businesses that offered them food, shelter, and basic needs. The choice to leave the cults are very difficult and emotional and by offering to give half of my book profits to these people make me very proud.

To date between both charities I have donated over $421,000 plus from the profits of my book sales. At one time my book Almost Meri’ed had reached #22 on Amazon books in the category it’s listed in, Non-fiction biography. That’s when my book sales were soaring. Every time the show is on tv my books sales go up and up and after 1 year of doing this I am so very proud to know I have been able to contribute all of that money to 2 well-meaning organizations.

I keep no money from either book, I have done 4 book signings in the Chicago/Milwaukee area and will look at offers to do more book signings later this year.

I also am doing a second interview for a local Fox station in Utah. They hosted my first ever tv interview with myself and Lindsay. It’s on Youtube if you care to view it. The interview will air on this coming Wednesday February 8th, 2017 at 8pm local Utah time. Again we will put that up on Youtube for anyone that cares to watch it.

I am working this weekend on my opinions and comments on the Tell Nothings that recently aired. As I have heard it’s more lies and bullshit. And also I will be commenting on the ABC News piece that aired a few weeks ago. Those will be added this weekend some time. I have already written them up but I wanted to go back through and make sure I covered all I had wanted to.

Thanks for reading this. I hope ya’ll have a great weekend!

Weekend in Las Vegas

Our little family with no nannies will be traveling to Las Vegas next weekend. We are going to enjoy a family fun trip to see Aunt Lindsay. We stayed with Uncle Drew the last time so it’s her turn again. I’m excited to go out there so soon. It wasn’t that long ago we were having a good time together. I do miss hanging out with Lindsay. I really miss all of the traveling her and I enjoyed. But things have changed and my family is more important.

We are finally going to see her finished home improvements. She bought a new and bigger home last year then began gutting it one section at a time. It’s fully completed. She’s also amassed a serious sports car collection. She has the garage space for all of them and I definitely want to try out some of those cars. They look really cool.

I still keep waiting for her to call up and say come get me I got arrested for all of the illegal Mexican activities I’m doing without our knowledge Lol But every trip she comes back safely without the FBI or CIA following her. I do trust her but her lack of communication when it comes to all of that kind of scares me. I hope to take next weekend to sit down and hear more. She keeps staying “You don’t wanna know” which to me has always meant F*** off and stop asking questions. Aussie people have a different sense of business.

My wife wants to go to some shows. I told her pick out your top 2 and we will get tickets. Lindz said the best shows are at night and it’s a lot of fun to buy up some of the t-shirts or whatever they have. My wife also wants to do some gambling which I oppose. I’m sure Lindz can help her out with that. Lindsay wants to see the babies and wants to see my dog. She calls him puppy. She had him for a little time and bonded with him. She misses him and always asks how he is doing. He loves her. He jumps all over her like she just returned from a year-long vacation or something. Then she starts spoiling him with toys and stuff to eat. My dog travels very well. He sleeps the whole way and doesn’t fuss. You just have to remember to get him out of the crate as soon as you can and let him pee. Otherwise he will make a mess all over. I learned that early on.

I hope the weather is warmer next weekend. It’s been cold in Chicago which is normal. But it hasn’t been as cold as the past few years. I think global warming is kicking in more and more. I pray we all learn from the reactions of Mother Nature and amend the way we treat Mother Earth. It’s not okay to pollute and destroy our natural resources. I do my part and have as small carbon footprint as I can. My wife is slowly coming on board with the recycling and using vegan products. She will never get rid of her shoes purses or clothing accessories. I’m glad she has no fur coats or other things. That would have been a deal breaker for me. She said that stuff is tacky anyway. She enjoys clothing not animal pelts to wear.

This weekend we will be at the lake house enjoying the Super Bowl shows. There are a lot of fun things going on to celebrate it and we want to take the boys out to go swimming. They really enjoy it. My boys are both little fishies. They can’t get enough of swimming. I enjoy watching them try to wiggle around. Heston is getting much better. Alex is okay as long as he isn’t dunked under. His water vest keeps him up so he’s happy. Heston would rather yank the vest off and go solo but he’s much too young for that. I think he needs to wear that until he’s 21 Lol I’m not ready for him to grow up so fast.

My wife and I are beginning the adoption process. We have had long talks about her getting pregnant and she wants to wait. She has a large family like mine and I love that about her. All Catholic and all very dedicated to family. I’m very proud of our family and hope to add as many as 6 kids. I love kids and want to have as many as possible. My wife has a limit because she won’t be with them all of the time with her job. She wants a reasonable amount and for us not to go crazy like Sean and Rachel Duffy Lol I told her no way will we do that.

I hope everyone has a great time celebrating the Super Bowl. I’m not going to the game this year. Last year was good, I don’t even like the 2 teams playing. The Patriots are going to win anyway. Wouldn’t be as fun to watch. And as always, GO Bears!