Super Bowl LI and she’s pregnant?

Congrats to the New England Patriots. We hosted a small Super Bowl party last night and had a great time. The game was pretty good. The last few minutes seemed like it was going the Falcons way but I mean it is Tom Brady. The second best quarterback of all time. Great game to both teams and good job this season. Go Bears! Hopefully next season will be our year. Well, if we have a decent quarterback.

It’s so interesting to me to see my wife around my friends. We haven’t had many parties since the wedding. My friends are very respectful, very kind guys. Josh has been there for me for years. And Johnny too. Getting all 3 of us together all we do is laugh and tell stories. She sits there and gives me a look anytime they tell her what I used to do in my single life.  I always laugh when her friends start telling her stories. I think that’s part of dating life.

My boys enjoyed the Super Bowl. Until it got to their bedtime. Then we had to be quieter. That got harder as the game went by. How about those commercials? What was your favorite?  I liked the Budweiser one, the Bai bai bai one and the Mercedes one. That one was great. Not too many were that funny. I think it’s the political climate.

A while ago my wife and I went out to protest the Immigration ban. That was cool to meet and talk with people directly affected by it. Now the ban has been lifted, temporarily. And I’m hearing more and more about people wanting to impeach Trump. I think he needs more time. I think once he realizes he doesn’t get his way all of the time and he has to look after all people, not just his deep pocketed buddies things will calm down. I do see a small value in him wanting to change things. But he doesn’t listen. And his wife looks miserable since he was sworn in. Where is she anyway? We rarely see her.

This week will be a lot of fun. I’m taking my wife to go birthday present shopping tonight for the boys. The party planning is in full swing and it’s going to be a huge event. I wanted it to be simple and small but she said they are only 1 once. And it’s mostly about celebrating we all made it a full year with them. I’ve had so much help I could never say thank you enough to everyone. I’m glad they are in my life. They were God sent and I know that.

My wife scared me with a pregnancy test Sunday morning. She came walking out with one of those sticks and I said Uhhhhhh. She said it’s negative stop worrying. I hugged her and said I’m just shocked. We aren’t trying to get pregnant. Lord knows we get enough practice Lol We are still in our honeymoon phase. We are both very, very happy in that department. We want to wait a year if we can. I think having our own baby will mean a lot to us but I want to have more space between the boys and the next kid. We just filed my adoption papers for my daughter and the search has begun. I wanted to do an international adoption and told the company I’m working with that is my preference. However, we found out if I really want a daughter soon I can adopt a sweet little girl in the next few months. We have been praying on it. So far God has not answered me about it. I’m not concerned about her race. My wife is not either. She is a beautiful, skinny, blonde and she’s very open to any little girl blessing our family. I know it will take 1 year or 2 to finish the adoption. But if taking a child that’s available now, maybe that’s the best thing for us. I go back and forth on it. I don’t know what to do. I just keep praying for an answer.

Until then we have a big weekend coming up. We are all going out to Las Vegas. Aunt Lindsay is excited we are coming. I think she’s more excited to see the boys and my dog than me. Which makes me laugh. I’ve been replaced. She used to get so excited picking me up from the airport. Then she would talk nonstop the whole way back to her house. Now it’s hi where’s my godsons! Lol

I hope everyone has a great week at work. It’s going to be another busy day. I have a work trip tomorrow. Thanks for all the great comments on our photos from our Super Bowl party. It was a lot of fun. My wife and her friends helped me whip up a bunch of really great food. And yes that is Johnny with an inflatable helmet on his head. He brought that to play with the boys. They laughed and laughed anytime someone put it on.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!