My Fox Interview airs tonight

My interview on a local Utah Fox station will air tonight. It was an hour of them asking me questions and me answering. They edit that down to 20 minutes and then it gets cut down to a 4 or 5 minute segment. It was a variety of topics and I was glad to film it. Anything I can do to clear my name from all of Meri Brown’s lies and end all of the harassment from the nameless, faceless, horrible troll group she heads is fine by me.

The text from the interview is here. I already received my copy of it and I must say I look great. My wife declined to be interviewed and as always I keep my babies from such things. They are innocent little beings who had nothing to do with that part of my life.

The reporter was very nice and friendly. The hardest part was sitting there waiting for them to set things up. We made casual chit-chat which is my least favorite thing to do with a total stranger. And she was very interested in my wife and boys which I refused to answer about.

With the recent news of a polygamy inspired rally coming up soon what are your thoughts about polygamy?

I don’t mind it as long as the women and children are happy and not used as a man’s excuse for not raising his family.

What do you mean by that?
Most polygamist men have children for their own separate and higher place in Heaven than the rest of us. They willfully and intend to breed children for the purpose of tax rebates, workers, or to raise the smaller children that come after them. The women are stopped from any educational future or career because they are too busy raising the kids full-time as the floating dad comes around part-time. If the father of a polygamist family can attend to all of his wives and childrens’ needs daily, and actively works to provide for his family without governmental supplements and/or income then I don’t have an issue with it. I think polygamy can be really great for the right family, if it’s done for the sole purpose of religious freedom of beliefs.

Do you think the Kody Brown family fall under that opinion?
I think that guy is full of (bleeped out) and he doesn’t follow the tenants of his own religious beliefs. I believe he just makes things up to fit and conform into what he wants to do. It seems to change on a yearly basis. And now that they are admitted Christians according to the latest Tell Lies episode I would bet he has went from minor league cult leader to full-blown Cult Leader by now.

You labeled the Tell All Episode as Tell Lies, do you think the Kody Brown family are liars?

Yes I do. It starts with Meri Brown lying about my existence. As you can see I’m not invisible. Nor am I female or a puppet. I am a sinner who had an affair with a married woman who told me she was single and living a single life within a polygamist family. She also told me she wanted to leave and start a monogamist life with me.

She did?
Yes. We had a plan to move her out and into my rental home. We had plans to date openly, get engaged quickly then begin planning her move to Chicago and a big wedding. We had a lot of plans.

How did it feel when you realized she was using the tabloids to disparage your secret affair or relationship into a catfish situation?
I thought she was full of (bleeped out) just like her husband. Those people grow up lying about who they are within a family, who their dad is and who their half siblings are so it didn’t surprise me how good they all are about lying. I was surprised that people actually started to believe her.

What did you do?
I got online and began refuting all of it on my blog, and on my social media accounts. I wrote a book and a follow-up book to tell my side of the story, with proof.

In your books there are no photos with you and Meri Brown standing next to each other…

(interrupts) There is now. I updated the books as soon as I began the beta version of Amazon Kindle Publisher. And today I brought videos for you.

(Video insert begins)
See. That’s Meri Brown and that’s me.

And that’s me, Meri Brown, and Lindsay. Now does that look like I morphed myself into a female clone and magically threw my voice into a higher pitch? She’s a liar. And this video proves it. That was after we all went out to dinner and came back to my house to hang out. This was I think around May.

I have to say that is concrete proof.
Yes. And I guarantee you there still be some very stupid people saying it’s not real. Ridiculous.

What else do you want people to know about your story?
That I fell in love and intended on being with Meri. I wanted to marry her. Instead of became Almost Meri’ed.


That really is a great title.

Thanks, my friend Lindsay came up with that one.

Well I want to thank you for clearing up some of the rumors. It has been an interesting conversation and I look forward to seeing the world’s reaction to this.

Me too. I pray everyone moves on and becomes as happy as I am. Otherwise they will stay with a douchebag like Kody Brown who only wants his family to earn him tv money.

Those are some strong words.

Well he did threaten to beat me or Lindsay with a baseball bat. I think telling the world I think he is a douchebag is pretty tame compared to that.


Thank you Samuel.