Lots of baggage

Tonight after work my wife and I will spend several hours debating the luggage and packing situations. I told her take one back per person minus the babies. They need 2 bags plus their baby bags. So they get 4. Auntie Lindsay already had cribs, play pens, and too many baby toys ready to go. She also bought me a king size bed instead of the queen size I had been using when we stayed out there. I guess she was tired of me complaining about it.

I keep telling her we are going to go shopping. Lindsay and her many friends will be babysitting the whole weekend. That means my wife and I can go explore Las Vegas and do all the things we want to do. I’m not someone will take my twins down on the Strip until they are 25 Lol I don’t think they need to be there. My wife wants to try out several restaurants, go to the big malls downtown, go to some shows, and maybe see the new 50 shades darker movie. I asked Lindsay if she wanted me to bring a nanny she said not unless they want a free weekend in Vegas to goof around. The girls want to stay home and enjoy a weekend with all of their friends. They will all be staying at the condo which is fine with me. They all still have their bedrooms but now they are on Sarah’s side. The 2 part-time nannies still have their own apartment that they share. We had talked about moving them into the other side but Sarah said she needs alone time. She is introverted and studies a lot. She said sharing space with those 2 full-time would be too much for her right now. I’m fine with whatever she wants.

I’m very happy my wife and Lindz get along great. Which turns into 2 against 1 immediately. Lindsay is not someone who likes to live in the past or bring up funny stories about her and I. She is great about only staying in the present moment so that my wife doesn’t feel slighted or get upset by all of the things I used to do when I was single. It’s bad enough she gets to hear all about the affair I had. Thank goodness that awful tv show finally got the axe. And I would not be surprised at all if that douchebag tries to sue me for causing it. Not my fault they aren’t that entertaining anymore. They used to be light and fluffy. Now they are dark and scary.

We will get there in time for supper Friday night. Lindsay is cooking my favorite meal and making the carnivore version for herself and my wife. I can’t wait to have a weekend there. I love Las Vegas and would move back there someday but my wife said no. She wants the distance from the affair. I understand that. I just think it’s a fun town. And I love all of the vegan restaurants there.

We finally agreed on going to 2 shows and I have already purchased the tickets. Now it’s a final discussion/debate about how many clothes she needs. We will see how it goes tonight but I’m pretty sure she’s taking 2 suitcases. My wife loves clothes as much as I do. And like she said I do want her to look good for me Lol I will never argue with that. I bought her a gift to give to her on Saturday night. It’s a surprise. I can’t wait to see what she thinks. We just purchased her a brand new car. We traded in her 2014. She didn’t want to let it go but I said I want you to start taking the boys places. You need something much safer for all of you. She agreed. Usually we just take the Escalade.

I hope everyone is having a great work week. I’ve been busy. Things are going great though. I will update more tonight about my interview and all the reaction I have been receiving. Only a few mean comments but we deleted those off of the Youtube. Mostly shock for Meri being busted, again. I told ya’ll. She lied.