Weekend in Las Vegas

We are going to be leaving a little after noon to go to Las Vegas for the weekend. We are taking my boys with us. We are also taking a bunch of paperwork for the new 50% owner of my businesses, Lindsay. She want to get familiar with more of the company and pick my brain on how things run. She has a lot of faith in herself and I do too. So far everyone has taken the news well except for a few of my VPs that don’t get along with her blunt business style.

My wife is so excited. I woke up to a hug and a kiss on the check then she jumped out of bed and started dancing and singing Las Vegas baby! So happy to see her this excited. I’m at work for a few more minutes. I probably won’t get time to update over the weekend. I’m so happy to update you all sometime Monday.

Have a great weekend! I hope everyone digs out of the snow if they got hit with that storm.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!