The party is over and over

Yesterday we hosted over 300 people for my twin sons’ birthday party. They are now 1-year-old and 1 day. The party was football themed and the decorations were awesome. The cakes looked really cool and everything tasted delicious. The people who tried the vegan cakes said they really couldn’t taste the difference. There was more left over of the traditional cake which made me happy. I sent that home with several employees. 3 of the moms and babies from our swim lessons came to the party. Which was so funny watching all of them walking around or crawling to get to each other. These women said they had no idea I lived in such a nice house and I said well now you do Lol I have cut down on my flashy, braggy lifestyle a lot. I have found being classy and not even talking about it much anymore is the better way to live. That doesn’t mean I have stopped buying or wanting flashy things. I still love them. Cars, planes, watches. I want it all! But for my children who watch and listen to everything I say and do, I need to change that. I’m working on it. I told them we would love to have some baby playdates some time together and that I would be happy to host them at any time. I told them we have 3 nannies so if they ever needed us to babysit and we were available, let me know. They all looked shocked. I said if I can handle 2, what’s a few more. 2 of them immediately looked at their schedules and booked dates for next week Lol The other one was going to tell her husband so they could plan a date night. Most of them had not had a date night out yet. That’s sad. Their babies are all close to 1-year-old so to know they haven’t had a real night off yet, wow.

My boys had a great time. They were so happy. I finally let other people hold or touch them. I said go for it because as soon as they smash-up the cakes they are getting baths and no more holding them. Sarah is very vigilant about germs and with that many people it can spread something bad, quickly. It was mostly my family that wanted to hold them. And for the first time since they were born their birthmom held them both. It was very emotional for me and for her. My cousin elbowed me and said look, she’s holding Heston. Then Alex came over and wanted up so she picked him up too. They were both sitting on her lap and I teared up. I’m so happy she is finally in this space where she can do that because I really think a part of the boys needs that from her. We didn’t take a picture even though I really, really wanted to. We left them have their moment. Then Alex started wiggling around and I walked over to get him. I said see, that’s when you hand him off and she just laughed. Heston just kept staring at her. I am sure he knows her voice. I don’t know how, maybe I’m crazy for thinking that, but the way he looked at her I think he knows her.

We received so many presents we will be able to donate a large number of gifts to the Childrens’ Hospital where we hosted our Christmas event last year. I’m excited to return there with more gifts. I have worked closely with them for years and have donated any time they ask me. Money, food, clothing. They even started a Food Bank for the families that don’t have time to go shopping for groceries. We donate monthly to that.

We sang Happy Birthday, brought in their little cakes with a candle in each. I blew out one, their stepmom blew out the other and I pulled out both candles. Then I said okay boys, get your cakes and they immediately started grabbing handfuls. Heston just laughed and laughed. He liked the squishy feeling. Alex stuck a big bunch right in his mouth Lol Everyone was laughing and the photos and videos we have crack me up. Heston did put some in his mouth but he was happier just playing with it. They both had cake EVERYWHERE! I have no idea how they got some on top of their heads Lol Probably flinging it. After it looked like they were over it, Sarah and I took them up for baths. We came back down with fresh, clean babies in Tuxedo pajamas. They looked awesome. And just like everyone told me, my boys passed out before the party was over. So we took them to bed and they both passed out.

I went back out to see how the guests were. I thanked everyone for coming and said stay as long as you want and please eat and drink, I didn’t want any leftovers. The party mostly got over around 10:30. Drew and his wife and kids stayed longer, so did Lindsay and Dave. Most of my family took off for their hotel rooms and the older family members that need to stay here wheeled their way down the halls to bed. Drew said I never thought you would make it 1 year with twins, good job. I said remember how scared I was trying to change diapers? My hands would shake because I wasn’t sure how to do anything. He laughed and said he felt the same way. Lindsay said she knew I could do it but didn’t think they boys would grow up this much. She said they are 2 peas in a pod. She hopes they will stay this close all of their lives. I really can’t imagine what would ever come between them in life. They will always know they need each other. I pray one day they take over my businesses or they find a great career on their own. Whatever it is, I just want to be in their lives.

We stayed up until 1am talking. My wife said we all need to get to bed. She did such a great job. She made everyone feel welcome and she helped out the party planner so much. It’s days like yesterday that makes everything I have been through worth it. I know I have the right woman by my side. I love her so much. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her. Everyday is fun. Every single day we laugh and still say I love you. It’s been perfect. It really has.

Thank you all for the great birthday wishes. I appreciate them. Thank you to the people who mailed me cards or gifts. We will be working on thank you notes on Sunday. We kept track of all of it and we will do our best to send those out soon.

This really has been a big year of my life. I love Heston and Alex so much. I can’t imagine life without them now. Thank goodness the adoption went through and I never have to.

Have a great Saturday!