1st Birthday party coming up

We had an amazing Valentine’s day yesterday. It was all I wanted it to be. My wife loved it and all of the gifts she received. I also loved her gifts to me. She was overly generous. Thank you baby.

Back to the next big thing in my life. My boys’ first birthday party is in 2 days! The party planner has done a really good job. She sent me photos of the lake house. It looks like all of the things are set up and ready to go. Now it will be about coordinating all of the family and friends coming into town for the big event.

I still can’t believe they are going to be 1. I just can’t believe it. It has really flown by. I still remember the first moments of their lives. How scared then happy, how worried, then in love. And the sheer panic of the first few minutes of Alex not breathing well. Then hearing him let out his first cry and then they swooping him off. I thank God everyday for allowing their birth mom to choose me. She was really considering an abortion at first because she didn’t want her parents to know. She said she couldn’t do it and didn’t even seriously consider it because she didn’t want that on her life forever. I’m glad she chose to adopt them out. I’m glad my cousin called me that day to just vent and how slowly it turned into I Will Take Them. I was laughed at so many times by family, friends, and others. No one thought I could do it. I didn’t either Lol And here we are.

My wife is really starting to grow into family life. She is really excited about the party. She took the whole day off of work tomorrow so we can go up to the lakehouse to pitch in. She NEVER does that. She only took off a week for our honeymoon. So that was shocking. I’m happy to see her do that. It won’t mean much to them right now but when they are older I can say she took the day off of work for you guys because she loves you and wanted to help make your very first birthday party perfect. That will make a difference. I love her for it.

This small 50 person gathering has now turned into over 300 Lol Only because Lindsay got on the email and invited all of the employees and vendors we work with. We had to order more food because so many more people RSVP’ed for the party. And Lindsay said anyone that wanted to travel in for the party would get all of Friday off but they need to show up. I think that’s hilarious. I don’t see any of them fly all the way here just for this. But we will be happy to host them if that happens.

My boys loving coming to my office. Sarah brings them in more now that they have all of their immunizations and can be around big groups. She still doesn’t let people hold them. Or even touch them. She says Sorry germs for twins are double. Who can ever argue that one? That’s a great line. We have had a few runny noses but neither one has had a full-blown illness yet. Alex had a failure to thrive for the first 2 months but we got that reserved very quickly. He just had bad gas. A few drops in his bottle and he was perfectly fine. And he caught up with Heston within 3 months.

Geez, I feel like I remember everything. I think because I was so scared every day the first 4 months. Things got easier just like everyone said it would. Now that they are walking a little things will get harder again.

The party is going to be fun. We saw photos of the 2 smash cakes. The design looks great and the caterer will be making them first thing Friday morning. She’s bringing 8 cakes, 6 different round ones for the party and the 2 smash cakes. I can’t wait to see them dig in. Their smash cakes will be vegan so they can eat as much as they want. I am told they mostly squish it and only shove so much in. I really think Alex will squeal laughing and Heston will just pound the crap out of it Lol Two very different personalities. They look exactly the same. I thought about doing different hair cuts when they get older but I don’t know. We are going to match them for part of the party. Then after they get baths from the cake smashing they get their own outfits.

The next few days will be very busy for us. I can’t wait to see everyone and show off my family to everyone. They are my biggest pride and love. I married very well and I have raised two sweet and amazing babies.

1 years old. Geez! Did anyone think I would survive?

Thank you Sarah! She is the only reason I made it this far. And to Brandi and Heather thank you ladies too. All 3 of you are family and I hope we all stay together for as long as you want. Your help has been invaluable. Priceless even. I pray you all 3 enjoy the party without having to lift a finger for my boys. You deserve a great time and to get to watch them like we will.

Have a great work day everyone! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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