Nice day for a picnic

My wife woke me up this morning and announced she wants to take the boys for a picnic today after she gets off of work. I said you do huh? And she started tickling my sides. Okay, okay!

Sarah and I are packing up our lunches. It’s Meatless Monday at our house so I made 2 different kinds of Tofu Salad and Tofu sandwiches. My wife loves them both. We also packed a veggie tray left over from the party, chips, drinks, snacks, and dessert. Now we are working on baths for the boys and the stroller. Now that the boys are walking we tend to start letting them walk and use their stroller to haul stuff back and forth Lol Did anyone else do that with their stroller? It works so why not.

I just texted my wife to ask which Park she wants to go to. She said Grant Park. Great location. We’ve been there for some concerts and other events. Great views from there. We are taking some jackets because as nice as it’s been it’s still breezy and cloudy today. I’m excited to do this. And for her to suggest it means a lot. She’s really getting into this mom stuff. She had been a little standoff-ish the first few weeks. Now she’s really taking on the mom role with enthusiasm. She says she loves it. She didn’t think she would take to it so fast. I’m happy she has. It helps with the transition.

So we will be at Grant park for a few hours. My dog is going to love this. I will be able to take his frisbee and toss it for him a few hundred times. He’s really good off of the lease. He’s very friendly and just wants everyone to pet him. He’d be perfect if he wouldn’t chew on the furniture and rip up the stuffing from ANY stuffed animal he finds.

Sarah is taking a book so she can sit and read a little while. She said the boys are doing a lot of things on their own now and it’s giving her more time to do the things she likes. She said she has gotten them into dancing around some. They basically just hop in place without actually lifting their feet but they do wiggle their heads too. It’s really funny. We got them to do it at their birthday party. They enjoy my taste in music so that helps. My wife likes country music (Yuck) so she hasn’t gotten them to bop along with all of her songs yet.

We had a great weekend. I’m glad all of our family and friends are back home now. We are talking about where we will summer this year. I have a few surprises in store. And our big family vacation will be in Maldives. It’s a beautiful country I’ve been to several times. It was one of my Grandmother’s favorite places and I escorted here there often. She loved it. The big dream that may or may never happen is to buy and develop one of their smaller islands they have for sale there. You can get them between 5 to 10 million for a minimum of 30 acres.

I would love to do that but she worries we wouldn’t spend enough time there to justify the cost. I agree. I don’t want to spend that kind of money if we won’t use it often. It’s just a dream I guess. We will see. It does take 20 hours to get there from here. That would be a lot for the boys. Maybe when they are older.

Bath time! Hope everyone is enjoying their day. Today starts a short work week and we all need a nice relaxing day today.