Picnics are fun until someone gets frosted

The best part of yesterday was eating our sandwiches out in the fresh air and enjoying feeding the boys. They loved being in Grant Park. It was a lot of fun. I got to play with my dog, he ran around crazy. He met some very nice people who pet him and gave him attention. He also got to meet some other dogs. My wife loved it and was basking in her great idea. And Sarah got to read her books while we played with the boys. It was a great day. A little on the cool side but just about perfect. Then it was time for the dessert. We had leftover cupcakes. As we were getting a cupcake cup up for the boys my dog came over and sat down. He has a notorious sweet tooth. I was just about to Heston’s open mouth with a piece of the cupcake when my dog jumped in the middle, ate the cupcake then licked his brother Heston’s cheek and left a huge cupcake icing smear all over the side of his face. I laughed so hard I almost couldn’t get it wiped off. Heston was pissed and Alex died laughing. He thought that was funny. I wish we had it on video it really was funny. And gross. We practically washed all of Heston’s head all over to get it off. It took about 5 baby wipes. My dog thought it was funny and started barking because he wanted more. So I had to take him for a mini walk while my wife fed the boys. When all the cupcake was devoured and both babies were happy again we came back to our blanket and he sniffed everywhere for it.

This weekend I have a business trip and my wife is debating on if we should take the boys or not. It’s close by and I won’t be in meetings all day. She is interested in sitting in on one to see what it’s like. She has stayed away from my work as I have stayed away from hers. We give each other the daily update but nothing too in-depth. I know that she couldn’t tell me most of what she’s working on. And I really don’t want to know. Her work is very trying on her and she is stressed most days. I know she loves it but I don’t want her to burn out. She’s not even 30 yet. She has a long way to go and as I get closer to retirement I try to remind her to stop and smell the roses.

Today is another busy workday. I just got through all of my emails and now I need to get this published so I can head to our conference room for a morning meeting.

Have a great workday everyone! I love you and God loves you too!