Why don’t we go skiing this weekend, hon? Um, okay?

Earlier last week my wife asked what my plans were for a ski vacation? I said none. She said why not? You brag about your snowboarding days. Yes I do and that’s when my knees and back were much younger. It left a thought. This week my very beautiful and persuasive wife asked again what do we want to do this weekend? I said watch tv, grow a beard, eat Lol She says how about we go skiing? Um okay? Okay? Okay. Okay! Fine. Let’s go. Then we began the talk about what about the boys. 1 year olds aren’t much for skiing since they are just learning how to walk. She made the valid point there are plenty of fun baby snow activities we can partake in. Sledding, holding them as we ski a little small hill so they can feel the rush of the wind. I said no to that. I would have a coronary seeing either of my babies going down a bunny hill in someone’s arms. That’s not happening. Not even with one of their seasoned ski instructors would that ever happen. No way! She said well they would just eat the snow anyway. I’m pretty sure that’s 100% accurate. We talked about not taking them but that’s too far away for me to be from them. California to Chicago. So we agreed they are coming with us. Then the nanny debate. Who? How many? Can we do it alone? With all of the ski equipment and all of the cold weather and everything else we need a nanny. Or 3. I called a family meeting and proposed the idea to the girls. As long as we left after 5pm on Friday all could go and really, really (Insert shrieking and giggling) wanted to go skiing. Sarah set out making up the schedule so that one nanny was always with the boys 24/7 as per usual when we take trips. We also agreed that I would spend more time with the boys and let all the ladies enjoy some ski bunny time together Lol That phrase got all 4 women rolling their eyes at me in one swoop.

Then the shopping debate. Here we go (AGAIN!) with the shopping. My wife has “absolutely nothing to wear skiing”, of course not honey. I told her we will go shopping tonight if places are still open by the time we get there or go grab stuff in the morning. I told the ladies the family is leaving at 6pm sharp and we will all have a very fun, snowy weekend.

I’m excited. I’m going to leave work at 4 to help everyone pack. I hope my wife actually gets home by 5:30 otherwise we will have to run by her office and pick her up. I threatened to carry her over my shoulder while she holds her briefcase if her little ass wasn’t home or heading to our waiting vehicles by then. She laughed and said you wouldn’t dare. Oh yes I really would. She seems to forget Florida Lol

Today will fly because I’m ready to go now. I have to finish up some work and then start making my list of things to pack for the boys. Sarah does most of it I am in charge of the 2nd bag check to make sure she thought it all out. My boys have plenty of warm clothes. The weather hasn’t been 60 everyday it dips way below that even though this winter was much milder than the past few years.

We are going to Mammouth Mountain! We are staying at a fine hotel there and I am excited to get my boards back on the mountain. I will take a few runs then go back to the hotel to hang out with my little men. I wake up so early anyway I can do the early morning ski runs a few times and get back in time to order breakfast for everyone.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I love ya’ll and God loves you too!