The *@(#ing Ski Trip

This is what it felt like skiing with my wife Lol  My beautiful wonderful wife is the worst skier in the whole world. I’m trying to be nice by saying that. She’s bad. Really bad. So bad all of us spent the majority of our own ski time helping her stay up or at the most stay out-of-the-way so we all weren’t pummeled by the other skiers. She was so bad eventually one of the ski instructors/staff asked her to GET OFF OF THE MOUNTAIN Lol Okay I exaggerated that a little because all he said to her was she needs to stay on the bunny hills until she’s “warmed up for the big girl run”. Now that made me laugh so hard and she smacked my arm and told him off in her native language Lol Thank goodness I don’t speak it good enough yet to understand what the heck she said to him. Whatever it was it made him turn around and leave us alone for the rest of the day.

We went shopping and got all the things we needed. I had to dig out all of my ski clothes and I didn’t need anything. The girls decided it was a mountain fashion show and apparently there was some invisible prize for shushing down the mountain looking “cute but not like smurfette cute” (Huh?) That’s an actual quote I over heard and I won’t even bother tagging it on the woman who said it.

Sarah is actually good on skis. Heather and Brandi are okay. I shredded that mountain like a block of cheese and had a great time doing it. My snowboards and my body were all in perfect tune and I can say with great pride I looked really cool. Except for all of the runs I had to hold my wife by her elbows as we slowly descended the run as her feet crossed, twisted, spread eagle or my new favorite stood on top of one another. Yes, ladies and gentlemen my wife managed to do the Karate Kid Crane on her 3rd run of the day, somehow. By the time we got all the way down she was backwards. She had spun herself around at one point and I told her just hold my hands we’re almost there. We have all of this on Facebook video on my Facebook, I’m actually not embellishing that one. AT ALL.

We each had time with the boys. They ate the snow, all of it there’s no more snow on Mammouth Mountain. They also did baby snow angels because Sarah and I wiggled their arms for them then we took pictures. We also had our first family snowball fight and I think it began and ended with Alex flinging snow up in the air and hitting himself on the head with it. That was it. We all laughed, he started crying and I had to go rescue him from himself. I still don’t know how he managed to do that. His arm is the length of a a girls’ shoe so I don’t even know how he can hurl anything yet.

Heston is a snow King, who knew! He sat on a big snowpile just observing his snow kingdom. Brandi had a hold of him the entire time, don’t worry. My wife said “Look he thinks he rules the mountain” Lol We all died laughing. He had this look on his face like he was unhappy but also in total control of everything he saw. He squealed and I ran over and got on one knee before him. This made him lean forward to try to get me and Brandi let him go so he slide down from his perch and into my arms. I immediately nibbled on his neck making him laugh and asked if he was the Snow King?

Other than the food fight over why they don’t offer salsa with omelets the weekend was great. Everyone got in at least 10 runs per day. Our schedule worked out great and I was able to get 8 of my runs in the morning. The lifts didn’t start until 8 or 8:30 so I went down, came right back up, rinse and repeat for  a few hours. By the time the girls got up and showered/dressed I was back and ready to get them food and beverages. It worked out really great.

I want to give a quick shout out to Mammouth Mountain hotels. They are amazing. The staff is really great and we did manage to try out different hotels to eat. The food, WOW. Being vegan it can be challenging to find food to eat anytime I travel but they had a great menu. Our rooms were awesome. They had 2 cribs we could use. We brought our pack and play cribs just in case. The staff helped us out so much. I tipped very well because I was pleased with the first class service we all had.

My nannies talked about the ski trip the whole way home. My wife doesn’t like to sit up front while I’m flying and Heather does. So we sat up there and chatted about how fun it was and what other places we could go skiing sometime. She really is a wonderful young woman and I am so proud of her educational achievements. We began talking about her future because as of May she may leave us. I do understand it and she said as long as she doesn’t have a rough new work schedule she would still like to help us out from time to time. I said you are welcome to still come by on the weekends and stay in your room if you want to. She said she might just to hang out. I told her she’s family now and she squeezed my arm. I mean it too. All 3 of my nannies are like little kid sisters to me. And they all fight like they are. Sarah said as much as they can annoy her she knows a million percent they both take very, very good care of my boys and she would trust them at any time. Sarah is wanting to take a few trips home before May so that she can spend time with her family just in case Heather does get a nursing job asap. She said most of the nursing colleges theses days help place the graduating students so she’s sure she will get scooped up fast. Good. That’s what she want. We fully support her, even beyond me paying for all of their college expenses. Except for Sarah she makes payments to me for her education costs that I cover up front. I secretly stuff that money into a savings account and will give her a big fat check on the day she leaves us. She has no idea, yet. And I find it funny each month she presents me with her check. I tell her I don’t need or want that. She said you say that every month, just take it and thank you. Okay okay.

My wife is hollering at me.

Okay she’s up. She wanted to know where I was at. Her legs are sore and wanted a leg massage before she took a hot bath. She said she can’t believe how stiff she is. I said yes honey doing the splits all the way down a mountain will make you sore Lol I got another smack for that one. This time on the ass. Oh la la!

Time to get myself ready for work. I hope everyone had a great time this weekend. We did. Have a great work week and I’m sure I will update again soon. Now that I’m writing these blog posts first thing in the morning then editing them after I get to work I can seem to get them out more often. It helps I can Save Draft and publish them later.

God loves you and I love you too!