Birthday party presents

Last night my wife and I got a bunch of birthday presents bought. I had some things but we needed the bulk of the gifts. I told her I did not want to go crazy like we did on Christmas. We kept it small but this is their first birthday. We are having a lot of family and friends come into town for their party. All of the gifts we picked out are safe, recommended for 1 year olds and do not make a lot of noise. I’m not a fan of loud noises, thinks with flashing lights or big thinks you smack around on. They have a lot of really cool learning toys that aren’t so loud and don’t flash all of the time. I know those things are important for babies.

We did get some matching toys so they each have the same toy. But I also bought them different toys too. Honestly these 2 will end up sharing everything we ever buy them. That’s how twins are. The best I can hope for is no one starts a fist fight over gifts. We are several years from that I hope. Although I do remember my brother and I slugging it out over the new atari game. He liked Pac-Man, I liked Dig-Dug. It was a battle royale.

We spent most of the night wrapping gifts and writing in their baby book on the gifts we bought. I like to keep that stuff up to date. Next friday night is their party. I’m taking off all of next Friday so that I can help set everything up. The party will be at the lake house. Since we will be out-of-town this weekend the party planner is able to start setting everything up this weekend and next week since we won’t be at the house. She said that will help out a lot. She has a team of people that helps her out. They are great people. Very sweet.

We are having a football theme this year. Mostly Chicago bears stuff but some generic football stuff too. We ordered 2 small football cakes for them to smash. I guess they are called smash cakes. We are going to take the boys on Thursday night for little haircuts Lol They both have fuzzy blonde hair. They also have blue eyes. We are taking our 1st birthday family photos tomorrow so that they will be ready in time for the party.

This birthday party stuff is hard. There’s so many things to plan for, decide on and figure out. I like it but I see this getting harder as they get older.

I just pray for healthy babies all of their lives. When I make their wish that’s what I will ask God for. Their first year has been so amazing. I almost didn’t make it Lol But I did.

Thank God!

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